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The leak has triggered a massive political scandal. have sex with g the high ranking China Communist Party officials.

We’ve often heard “you have to kiss some frogs before you find your handsome prince”. But it seems that women today are not interested in plunging into holy matrimony even if the prince were to pop up. Good bye child marriages and good bye arranged marriages! It’s now the era of career-driven individuals. Women no longer want to be born, brought up, and become just an extension of men. 

Someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s wife and someone’s mother is no longer the desired identity. Women want to explore their potential, establish themselves and rise to great heights professionally; they enjoy their economic independence and the fact that their lives are a masterpiece coloured by their own choices. As a result, marriages are a “later in life” agenda for most. Instead of being married off in their teens, women are waiting till as late as 40 and consequently premarital sex and live-in relationships seem the obvious options to keep life and hormones in balance.

I’m not going to moralise or sermonise the obvious merits and demerits of such options, to each his or her own, but there’s a certain ruthlessness I see in the fervour for self-gratification which is honestly quite off putting. Random sex, one-night stands and flings with multiple strangers (sometimes in 100’s), just because you can, or just for the fun of it, seems actually purposeless, rather than purposeful. Fact is, it’s a very personal space you’re sharing, and there are bound to be major emotional and physical repercussions to such indiscriminate actions. I can understand enjoying and exploring sex with no strings attached as an experience and not wanting to jump into commitment, but I just can’t understand the desire to be a public toilet. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s also the mechanical ruthlessness of it.

I don’t have an issue with pre-marital sex. It’s legal and as long as the couple is of age and it’s consensual, it’s really silly to obsess about others having it. What is upsetting, however, is the perception of a woman as a “victim” if the relationship doesn’t culminate into marriage. People say the girl was “used”, or perhaps that she was “tricked” into having sex, that it now will affect her “reputation” and in general, the girl comes out as a sobbing sad story. I strongly disagree. Women today are in every workplace. They are educated, smart and responsible. If not, that’s not the guy’s fault. 

He anyway wasn’t in love with her for her qualifications. People fall in love and hearts and bodies connect. That’s called being human. The girl enjoys sex as much as the guy does and when a couple splits up, to assume the guy isn’t equally hurt is absurd. But you don’t hear men wailing about being “dumped” or “used”, because men have been brought up to not display tears or signs of weakness. They are automatically and unfairly slotted as “tough” and hence, by default, as the emotionless users. How ridiculous to assume that women fall prey to a man’s charms, but that men don’t fall prey to a woman’s charm?! Talks of “character” and “reputation” are all societal prejudices and drive women to absolve themselves of all responsibility in the eventuality that things don’t go as planned. 

If there’s any stigma to the woman, it’s not the man, but society to blame for it because if society is so concerned about the reputation of the womsan, it only needs to reprimand itself for creating such stupid stigmas in the first place. There are so many varieties of kisses that depict varying emotions. A ‘butterfly kiss’, when you flutter your lashes against your partner’s cheeks, is considered playful, whereas a ‘forehead kiss’ shows adoration and respect, as does a kiss on the back of your hand. The ‘Eskimo kiss’, where people rub their noses as a sign of affection, is in direct contrast to ‘air kissing’, which is the most pretentious of all affectionate kisses. 

But when you watch a ‘real kiss’ on screen, you immediately experience a reaction ranging from a ‘sigh’ at a perfectly timed romantic, gentle or passionate kiss all the way to an ‘Ugh!’, when a brute forces himself onto a girl. Fact is that a kiss tells you so much about a person, their personality, and it is an amazing tool for expressing emotions. Obviously whilst in a relationship, couples vary their kissing style depending on the moment and their emotional state, but what’s being discussed here is the ‘first kiss’! 

And it should be a dealmaker or breaker, because it’s a great indicator as to whether the personality type is in sync with yours or not. You know what qualities to expect from a man who is a gentle and tender kisser or someone who is dominating, forceful and controlling, or a man whose kisses are sloppy and wimpy. There are those that are racy, explorative and adventurous and then there are some that don’t know it’s very unbecoming to taste a woman’s tonsils on their first kiss. If you want to truly understand the kind of partner you are choosing for yourself, pay attention to the first kiss. It begins with a kiss... and sealed with a kiss too.

Wang Minsheng 

Jiang Dabin

Jiang Dabin (蒋大彬)

Diao Jirun

Photos  Chinese government officials at what some are calling a wife swapping party swinger party have mysteriously been leaked online. The set of 120 photos were leaked on China's most popular version of Twitter, known as Weibo, of an orgy involving the high ranking China Communist Party officials. The leak has triggered a massive political scandal... Scores of photos of the six-person orgy went viral on Weibo along with rumors that the participants are high-ranking Communist officials. Chinese censors were quick to block the photos the site and on many other Chinese based websites. This scandal could be more than a black eye for the officials involved because in China activities such as orgies, gangbang, group sex, wife swapping and sex parties are a criminal matter that can get one a prison sentence.

Diao Jirun (刁吉润)

The pictures appear to show the Communist Party secretary of Lujiang county in Anhui Province, Wang Minsheng, his deputy, Jiang Dabin, and the party's youth leader at Hefei University, Wang Yu. The high-ranking Chinese officials are shown engaging in a hotel "sex party," according to the reports. The unknown person who posted the pictures claimed that two of the men in the obscene Lujiang photos were Wang Minsheng (王民生), party secretary of Lujiang County of Anhui Province, and Jiang Dabin (蒋大彬), vice mayor of Lujiang County, and one of the women was Diao Jirun (刁吉润), mayor of Lujiang. So far Chinese bloggers have reposted the 6P (six person) group sex photos in Weibo many times.

The set of 120 photos show three couples in various acts of sex in a hotel room. But the shot that having everyone talking about this controversy is of five of the members posing for a pre-sex or post-sex group picture, complete with one man cupping another one's wife with a double-hand breast grope. Particularly intriguing is Wang Yu's wife, a pretty middle school teacher who participated in the orgies. Wang Yu is the most junior among the male orgy participants, being Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Hefei University in Anhui.
This whole sex party scandal has unfolded while the wife of former Communist official Bo Xilai is being tried for murdering a British expat underscores rising public disgust with corruption in the party. Bo Xilai was one of China's most powerful and charismatic politicians until he was ousted as Communist Party chief of Chongqing city as the scandal surrounding Heywood's death last November. What better way is there to get back at your enemies than posting their sexcapades on the web? According to internal party reports, Bo Xilai mounted a widespread wiretapping operation to monitor the activities of his fellow politicians in an effort to boost his own position within the party.

Bo tapped the phones at the state guesthouse in Chongqing where senior officials stay on visits to the city. The eavesdropping emerged last August, after it was discovered that President Hu’s conversations with a visiting minister were being recorded. So 
Bo Xilai and his allies knew the intimate details of his fellow Communist Party officials. The set of photos initially surfaced last week with the mocking title "comrades in charge," as two of the men were thought to be Wang Minsheing, head of the Communist Party in Lujiang county, in the eastern province of Anhui, and his second-in-command. The Bo Xilai scandal has badly shaken the country's leadership. And many see this leak of nude pictures of official as Bo Xilai ad/or his allies striking back at the country's leadership.Sex parties and wife swapping are technically illegal in China, and participants can be prosecuted under an obscure "group licentiousness" statute added to the Chinese criminal code in 1997. And while most Chinese web browsers are actively looking for download links for the photos others are condemning the decayed morality of government officials. The scandal grew to the point that the State Council Information Office, China's head web censor, was forced to issue an official directive that "all websites must stop following and hyping the so-called 'Lujiang Indecent Photos Incident.'" Currently the phrases "naked photos" and "vulgar photos" are banned from Weibo.
But the government don't want people to take the swift and total crackdown on these photos as an admission of guilt. 
Chinese Citizens, who think corruption in China is severe problem and prefer to believing Chinese officials live a life of luxury and debauchery, were obviously not convinced by the official account. The Communist party has vigorously denied that these are party members, even though they do share quite a resemblance, judging from pictures. At first they claimed the images were photoshopped. But then they backtracked and said the photos were real but the Party officials had been misidentified. Wang himself spoke up to clear his name, saying he was being "slandered," possibly as payback over a corruption case he was investigating. The official line that emerged is that the photos were taken back in 2007 and feature random swingers.

However the photos are clearly real, as the third male participant, the man named Wang Yu, has confessed. Wang does have a Communist party connection: He's the Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Hefei University in Anhui. He was tracked down by the famous Chinese internet hordes known as "human flesh search engines," who band together to identify internet villains. Now he's been fired along with his wife, a middle school teacher who was also in the photos. He has not say how he got involved with a wife swapping party. And 
Wang Yu has declined to identify the other participants in the orgy

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