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Married but available Muslim Women too show off their sex drive Extramarital affairs up risk of broken peni

Ever so often I come across a man I bestow with the MBA tag. It’s not an academic credential; it’s just an abbreviation for Married But Available! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when a man’s hitting on a woman. It’s flattering when the gentleman in question is a single male who is more interested in who you are than someone who is bombarding you with an “in your face” display of raging hormones, middle age crisis, and marital dissatisfaction. I’m a tough cookie who can masterfully handle the overtures of strangers, colleagues and acquaintances, and I can eyeball to eyeball, politely but firmly tell them there are boundaries that can never and should never be crossed. The problem is when it comes to telling off married friends or spouses of close friends. It’s such a tricky space! On instinct you want to match their gleaming ring finger with a visual of your middle finger, but realise it’s so easy to break bonds that are special, but with a little effort can actually not just strengthen it but possibly save relationships, so I just give them a tight hug. I tell them I feel so sorry they’re going through a bad space, remind them of all the crazy fun times they’ve had with their spouses, create a dream space of what they were as a couple, area as parents and what they will be like as happy, loving grandparents with loads of family love and support around them. I remind them that whilst I may be a genuine well wisher, there may be others that that might succumb or fall prey depending on the head space of the individual, but infidelity can only lead to unhappiness and I would certainly not want to be the architect of someone’s grief. Because I care!

And here she is when not naked for comparison purposes:

Nudity always a pleasant surprise for men
Bustysingaporean or Busty Singaporean real name Li Ling Ling (born November 11, 1975 in Taiwan) is a Singaporean glamour model with 38DD breasts
WANITA Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil literally pulled up her sarong to strike at her critics in the Opposition, especially her PKR counterpart Zuraida Kamarudddin, who had asked her to resign over the National Feedlot (NFL) Corporation controversy.
As the number of elderly rises worldwide, researchers find that old people today have more sex, are more likely to be divorced, are cleverer and feel better, and are more outgoing.
An extensive research project at Sweden's University of Gothenburg compared the elderly of the 1970s with those of today.

'We have spent some years together, so now I know how he reacts in a particular situation. Our conversation doesn't go beyond the daily routine and even the pleasure in the bedroom is an alien term'.

Such situations are definitely not uncommon. Many people who are in long-term relationships do encounter this phase. So why don't you plan some exotic surprises for your partner? Such that he's taken off guard and left asking for more.

Surprises need not necessarily be really pricey. What matters the most is your attitude, the way you show your concern and express your love towards your mate. Here are some innovative ideas...

Dare bare...
Men love it when their ladylove makes an extra effort to seduce their senses. All you need to do is to think out of the box!

Sangeeta Ahlawat, a HR manager says, "My husband always used to complain that I am not comfortable with my body. He said, it also made him conscious in bed. Just to prove him wrong, I planned to steal an idea from a Jennifer Aniston movie, The Break-Up. When my hubby was busy watching a cricket match on television, I took a walk in the living room, naked, to flaunt my newly waxed body. He couldn't believe his eyes and was with me on the bed in a matter of seconds."
Her name is Erin, she is 19 year-old and as you can see this Arab babe is hot as hell.

It's not just a tattoo...
Men love sophisticated partners, but it does not mean that he does not want to see any wild streak in you. Give it a shot

Ratnika Singh, a marketing executive tells, "I am into a live-in relationship. It was our anniversary and there was nothing that I had not gifted him in three years. On our D-Day, I came back home early, left a trail of my clothes from the drawing room to the den. And on the bed, I laid nude. The surprise package was, his name was tattooed on my cleavage. My man has always seen me clad in formals and being on my best behaviour at all times. I guess he never expected me to do something wild like this. We are getting hitched soon, it really worked for me."

For girls, birthdays are always special
No matter how old your lady love is and how long have you been in a relationship, a girl always expects her beloved to make her birthday memorable.

Rakshit Malhotra, a MBA student reveals, "I thought the most romantic thing I could do for my girl was to wish her at midnight. I spoke to her for nearly two hours, but I felt she expected something more. At 2 in the night, I jumped my hostel gate and took an auto. Luckily, I found chocolates at a chemist shop. I stole a rose from a roadside florist and reached her house. Her room is on the first floor; I climbed up to the window somehow and slipped in the rose and chocolates. She still considers it as her best birthday gift."

Changing den may work...
Professional commitments, kids, in-laws, financials...there can be endless reasons which bar you from enjoying marital bliss. A surprise weekend vacation may just be what you need.

Aakash Sharma, a bank employee says, "All the things that my wife does for me and my family, she definitely needs some luxurious pampering, once in a while atleast. Recently on a Saturday, I took her out on a drive. We crossed a five star hotel and I told her that there was a very nice bar there on the second floor and we should check it out. But, instead of taking her to the bar, I took her to the suite that I had booked for us. While we were dating, she used to tell me we would come to this hotel for our honeymoon. She stood speechless in the room for sometime and was extremely pleased that I had actually remembered her needs."

The apron act...
Many people say cooking a meal together is a great way of bonding with your partner. If you use your creativity, it can go beyond bonding...

Prachi Gupta, a homemaker tells, "My husband is reasonably good at cooking. At times to cheer me up, he tries his hands at some exotic dishes. So I decided to make his cooking session more interesting. I slipped into this frilly short apron, with nothing inside. He gave me a passionate kiss, the moment he saw me wondering around in that silly thing, he switched off the cooking gas, and that day we used the dining table for some other purpose."

I scared her first...
Women always want that their men should propose them in a unique way so that they can cherish the moment for the rest of their lives. Some men take it quite seriously...

Surain Mishra, employed in a Mumbai-based production house tells, "My girl was walking towards home in the evening, and it was a secluded road. A car stopped on her side, four men snatched her inside and blindfolded her. They took her to a house that was extremely dark and left her there. Then enters the hero, that's me. I played her favorite song, removed the strip tied on her eyes, kissed her and said, "Marry me, you will find me around even at places where you don't even expect me to." She ended up in tears, fought with me for hours and I am wedded to the same lady now. She hates my 'filmi' attitude though."

So that's all from our side folks, let us know what's the most romantic or craziest thing you have done for your partner.

In a relationship, even small gestures can make a lot of difference. Psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Chugh suggests some innovative ways to bond with your partner:

1. Take up an activity together, like gymming, jogging or a dance class.

2. Girls love flowers and there is no harm in bringing some home without any special occasion.

3. At least once a week, come home before your wife, clean the mess around and cook up a meal. Be sure to include her favourite dishes.

4. Pick up a show on television that matches the time and interest of both of you. Make it a point to watch it together everyday.

5. Do not always force your choice on your partner.

6. Try to go office by the same car. This way you will get to spend time alone too.

7. Reinvent your sex life, as physical intimacy is an inseparable part of any relationship.

8. Show some inclination towards matters realted to your spouses' interest and surprise him/her with your knowledge.

9. Try to be vulnerable at times. Let your partner penetrate in your emotional side too. It will help in bridging the gap.

10. Do you really need a reason to give her a call? Just let your partner know what's on your mind at that moment.

11. Cook up his favorite dishes and invite his close friends or relatives for a surprise dinner. Men love it when you try to be a part of their world.
The project, known as the H70 study, reveals that old age has changed drastically in a number of ways.
"It's time to start talking about the 'new old age'," says Ingmar Skoog, professor from Gothenburg who led the study.
According to a Gothenburg university statement, the proportion of elderly with schooling beyond secondary level has risen from 14 per cent to almost 40 per cent for both genders.
This is reflected in a better performance in intelligence tests by today's 70-year-olds than their counterparts back in the 1970s.
The proportion of married people has increased, as has the proportion of divorcees. The elderly are also now more sexually active, and the number with sexual problems such as impotence has fallen.
The results of the long-term study can also be contradictory, not least when it comes to social networking: "The H70 study shows that the elderly are more outgoing today than they were in the 1970s.
"They talk more to their neighbours, for example - yet the percentage of elderly who feel lonely has increased significantly," added Skoog.
Old people's mental health does not seem to have changed, however.
Dementia disorders are no more prevalent today than they were 30 years ago, and while more old people consider themselves to be mildly depressed, more severe forms of depression have not become more common.
It is estimated that average life expectancy in Europe will reach 100 by the end of the century.

Extramarital affairs not only cause broken hearts, but also end up breaking penises, a new study says. 

Sex outside marriage, and sex that occurs under out-of-the-norm circumstances, may increase the risk of penile fractures, said study researcher said Dr. Andrew Kramer, an urologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center. 

The heightened risk appears to be due to the unconventional situations, and consequently, locations, surrounding sexual acts, the researchers said. 

Men in the study who had suffered penis fractures commonly were having sex in unusual settings, including in restrooms or at work, when the injury occurred. The majority were having extramarital affairs. 

In such atypical situations, sex may be rushed and involve unusual or awkward sexual positions, Kramer said. 

"All these factors could make the man less able to protect his penis from an unexpected sudden downward thrust leading to the fracture," Kramer said. 

Kramer studied 16 cases of penile fractures treated at the University of Maryland Hospital between 2004 and 2011. 

Half of the patients were having extramarital affairs, the study found. Most were having sex in unusual places, including bathrooms, cars and elevators, reports LiveScience 

Only three patients were having sex with their own wives in their own bedrooms, Kramer said. 

The study has been published online in the journal of Sexual Medicine .
Recently received an email with an attachment of some interesting images of a female banker and model from Singapore by the name of Li Ling Ling but better known as the Busty Singaporean or BustySingaporean. She has some racy lingerie and bikini modeling photos on the web already but no nudes and no topless shots until this leak... The attachment contained topless and semi-nude photos of the Busty Singaporean in a bathtub and shower. I think all these topless pics were taken by her boyfriend or her lover because the set look a bit more intimate than her modeling photos. And she does seem very proud of her body in these leaked topless photos. She willing posed nude in many positions for the camera with her big boobs enhanced with the finest silicon front and center.

The cosmetic surgery enhanced Li Ling Ling is Chinese and a full-time banker for the Singaporean division of a major American bank. She work as a public relation manager for the bank and sometimes she freelance as a glmaour model part-time. When modeling she prefers to be called Bustysingaporean. Isn't it obvious why she has this name? LOL... Something tell me she also love the attention of the wondering eyes of men she come across everyday.

From what I can gather from the emails, she was traveling in the U.S.A. and staying at a hotel when the harddrive of her laptop was removed and copied or exchanged for a new one. Then from there someone begun to upload the her more racy photos to the Internet with her email address and posting it to many websites and web forums. And here for the very first time we get to see what was in her private naked and topless folders.

All the files in the Temp Folder and/or Recycle Bin she didn't want everyone to see and see thought she had deleted from the laptop computer were unfortunately for her recovered by an IT person at a PC repair shop. In subsequent emails the person who sent the topless pictures of the BustySingaporean in to the GutterUncensored(at) said it was okay to share this email below with the public. Names and email addresses were removed to protect the contributor to the Gutter Uncensored:

Good morning Sir,

I am 55 years old man and working as freelance IT expert that help to repair laptops and computers in USA. My business is very good as there isn't any proper computer shop in this town. Hence I was received a lot of business from a hotel when their guest's laptops and hard disk are not working. Of course, I charged at a very low fee, hence the hotel can make a cut in the profit when the guests are paying for a premium pricing for the computer servicing.

Recently I received an assignment from the hotel to repair a laptop urgently. I turned to the computer to get started. It only took about 2 minutes of digging to find out why the guest was so desperate to have her computer cleaned up. I found plenty of emails in her sent and deleted items folders alone that were full of sexually-oriented chats, not to mention quite a few pictures of themselves in various stages of nudity and sexual poses that she had sent back and forth. On top of that, there were tons of visits to "adult" type websites along with logged IM conversations. After about 45 minutes of digging through temp folders, I came across a lot of her sexy, naked, candid & glamour pictures in her laptop. Most importantly, she keeps all her bio-data in the laptop. I suspect that this laptop belong to her company, she was anxious to delete all the information and photos that caused the breakdown of laptop.

I stared at the pictures for a few minutes and as I felt my cock starting to grow hard in my pants, and evil idea crossed my mind. I grinned as I start to copy the full disk of the laptop into my portable hard disk.

Here are her Bio-data:

Name: Li Ling Ling
Birthday: 11th November 1975
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: Chinese (Asian)
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 112lbs
Measurement: 38DD, 25, 34”
Occupation: Public Relation Manager
Company: ****bank Singapore Ltd
- Bachelor of Law in University of Saskatchewan
- Master of Law in University of London
- Master of Business Administration in University of York


Hope you will enjoy with the cumming! I will try to send you more about her pictures.

Do email her with surprise with pictures creamed with your creamy protein, I guess she also unable to find out how her photos are being stolen. If possible, please post on your blog or anywhere!


After receiving the email above we knew we had to do some research into this topless girl from Singapore with the big boobs. So we looked up this interesting Chinese lady known as the BustySingaporean and she does have profile pages on some modeling database websites. She shared her bio on one of these websites for models in the "About Me" section:

Hi Guys,

Let me first tell you about myself. Where should I start? I am Li Ling Ling who born in Taiwan on 11th Nov 1975. I migrated to Singapore when I was young. I currently work in a big US bank in Singapore as a Public Relation Manager in the Millennia Tower. I am graduated with the following: - Bachelor of Law in University of Saskatchewan in 2000 - Master of Law in University of London in 2005 - Master of Business Administration in University of York in 2008 Imagine if you could see me, you will see a spoiled but very respectable and stunning looking Chinese lady who brings up in a conservative Chinese family. I am a very confident and am used to the finer things in life. People admire me, some view me as very reserved and arrogant, but underneath the surface there is a dark side of my personality, and deep inside I crave the attention of men. I have always considered myself a sophisticated and upstanding member of society. Now at 36, I still have the looks, the body and the face of a model, my hair is long and dark, my eyes are alluring and sparkling blue, my eyebrows are brown and I have full sensual lips. I was not the type of model you would think of: very tall and bony. When I walk into a room I turn heads. I have a gorgeous figure standing five-ten, busty 38DD, 25" waist, 34" hips at 112 lbs. Sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable when I feel how men watch me, their eyes on my breasts. I have been told my best assets are my nice long legs and beautiful eyes, but my breasts are what men like most about me, they are large and firm. But above all I am reserved, aristocratic and elegant. I am very highly educated, and am fond of hats, high heels and sexy outfits, especially black silk garters and nylon stockings and g-string panties, but often wearing nice designer clothes or tailored business suits. I know I have an athletic body that attracts men like flies, especially when I wear a tight cat suit or chiffon I turn heads. I am aware of their eyes on me as they gaze through the semi-transparent material I wear looking at my breasts. I love to go to charity balls and gala functions often an amusing mixture of sophisticated style and decadence, wearing a revealing evening gown with a low décolleté. I see their eyes feasting on me; how they strip me nude with their eyes. I feel naked when such indignant men look at me like that, but to be honest it also turns me on how some stare at me, it makes me horny when they undressing me with their eyes, how they stare at my breasts. My parents are rather conservative, aristocratic, especially my mother giving me a very strict upbringing, now I understand much better why. They have no idea, but deep inside, beneath my expensive clothes, I am not as decent and respectable as I seem. As you aware being in Singapore, there are a lot of constrain and restriction. Please note that I was given an exclusive interview by The Fox Radio 69 Show on 21st Nov 2010. You can access the content of the interview by clicking on the link:
By the way, my personal email is Hope to receive email and hear from you guys, so that I could include you into my database.

Ling Ling

Now before we get to see the fully-topless leaked photos, lets review the first set of photos that she named as "Hot Wet Shower" in a folder on her PC. And then take a look at her huge topless boobs in the second set as she take a rose bath. Enjoy!Click on pictures to enlarge.

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