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New York Daily News says:Now You Can Fuck Emma Watson Legally, She is Finally 18 Years Old!

Flirtationship! What a lovely word! When I first heard this term and googled it I found its definition in the urban dictionary as,”more than a friendship, less than a relationship, lots of flirting going on and you may or may not want to take it further”.  Firstly, I’m relieved to have found this word because every time I meet a man and enjoy his company and a budding chemistry the media comes pouncing with “are you in a relationship?” Rather than go with the cliché of “we’re good friends”, which may not be the entire truth but is certainly truer as compared to the fact that we are not in a relationship, this wonderful new discovery, “flirtationship”, is a much awaited fill in the blank. It keeps it clean, relatively non controversial and is closest to the truth of what most people share but can’t put a word/definition to. On the funnier side I also discovered a treasure trove of ‘flirt’ based lingo.  You cannot flirt with a flirtard (someone who cannot flirt with positive outcomes), but you can certainly so with someone flirtalicious (who is irresistible to flirt with because they are so appealing physically or in personality). Perhaps there are many flirtatious people who are very flirtable (easy to flirt with), just make sure that you don’t become a flirt flusher (someone who is initially very successful but ruins it by doing something really stupid) or a flirtaholic (someone who cannot stop themselves from flirting) and beware the fact that perhaps excessive exposure to flirting may make you flirtagious (when flirtatiousness becomes contagious)!!! And I certainly hope that this crazy column hasn’t given you the flirties!!! (A crazy build up of flirtatious energy but no one to practice it on!)

Harry Potter’s P.O.A. bitch, Emma Watson, turned 18 on Tuesday, and unlike your 18th birthday, she just got access to the money she made as a child actor. How much, do you ask? Hold on to your fucking hat because 

this chick's hotness factor just jump 20 times. New York Daily News says:
For most teens, turning the big 18 and becoming a legal adult comes with a few small perks including voting rights. For Emma Watson, Hermione in the Harry Potter films, turning 18 grants her access to the $20 million she’s amassed making the wildly popular film series….Watson has sat through a series of lessons in money management given by Coutts bank…She’s reportedly learned about basic economics, investing, and philanthropy.”

Hmm, a famous 18 year old actress with access to $20 million? Thats it, that bitch should get three times that amount someone is skimming her big time. Right now shes probably getting sponsorships for a sex tape, clothing line, coke deals, threesomes, and fake tan jobs all lined up.

I don't know how too much about stocks you guys should generally buy, but Trojan, cocaine and Prada seem like they would be worth a look right now. This girl is a spender looking for a good time if you know what I mean!


Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990) is a French-born English actress who rose to prominence playing Hermione Granger, one of three starring roles in the Harry Potter film series. Watson was cast for the role of Hermione at the age of nine, having previously acted only in school plays. From 2001 to 2007, she starred in five Harry Potter film installments alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. She will return for the final three installments: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, due to be released in 2008, and the two parts ofHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Watson's work in the Harry Potter series has earned her several awards and more than £10 million.
In 2007, Watson announced her involvement in two non-Harry Potter productions: the made-for-television adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes and an animated film, The Tale of DespereauxBallet Shoes was broadcast on Boxing Day 2007 to an audience of 5.2 million and The Tale of Despereaux, based on the book by Kate DiCamillo, will be released in 2008

The picture above is the one being mention in reports making their way through the email system at Brown University. Here is the original picture to prove the pic of Emma above is a fake:

For comparison:

Here are some more fake topless and nude photographs of Emma Watson for the guys at Brown University to drool over. Again, these are all fakes... available on the Internet to everyone for years:

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