Thursday, January 30, 2014

Singaporean For the love of sex having sex in public around Singapore?

I wonder where they are fucking? It look like a rooftop or a exterior staircase. Any ideas? Have you seen this couple having sex in public around Singapore? 
When you marry someone the last reason you would do so is to be bored, sexless, neglected and stuck in a rut. Yet, it seems that virtually every marriage whether for love or arranged, nose dives in that direction. Much to a couple’s dismay, their fantastic sex life loses steam and romance loses table space to discussions over money, work, stress and family issues. I find it so amusing when couples throw the “I’m putting in hours earning for you” or “I’m tired because I’m taking care of the home and family for you” as excuses for not putting effort in sustaining a healthy relationship. Couples forget so easily that the most important things they can do for each other is show love, caring, tenderness and passion. Everything else is the rut of life created by the consensual coming together of two people because they were in love, and hoped to be forever. Don’t berate yourself for allowing your life to become a maze of monotony; because it doesn’t matter where you’re at, what’s important is where you want it to be. 
Sit down with your loved one and agree to reignite a sense of togetherness because all that you have built around the two of you was based on being in love in the first place. Breaking out of ruts takes effort be it cultivating a new look, playing a sport together and finding ways to laugh together. Every weekend one partner makes a surprise plan to add excitement to mark the end of another week together. Most importantly, don’t be averse to positive change no matter how forced or strange it may seem initially. These are the seeds that will bear fruit. You just have to brave enough and keen enough to plant them.
t’s commonly known that having a pet lowers blood pressure, fights depression and boosts immunity. So given that I have four of them I assume that’s the reason I’m perpetually happy, rarely ill and fighting fit. They have me in splits of laughter, and I’m always chasing them around the home. And then I read this amazing article that stated how laughing can burn up to 50 calories every 15 minutes (200 calories if you laughed heartily for an hour) and how petting your dog can burn up to 130 calories per hour. I suddenly realised that being a loving, happy person is not just liberating it’s a fat-free way of life. Further research tossed up lots of calorie reducing love data. Such as that kissing burns between 60 to 90 calories per hour depending on the intensity of the kiss, how sex in missionary position for just 10 minutes burns 250 calories and of course, if the woman were to make the effort to be on top she’d lose 300 calories and should both partners orgasm it would be a bonus of up to 100 calories each. These were all very amusing to me given that “finding the time” to exercise seems to be the most common excuse by most harried professionals to skip the gym. Everyone needs to look no further than their partners or their pets for the easiest and happiest way to lose weight and stay fit, emotionally, mentally and physically. What a wonderful reason for stagnating partners to revive the passion, or for a heartbroken, dejected lover to jump onto a new merry-go-round or perhaps, as a welcome change, head to the pet store. This is the first time loving and losing has such a positive connotation. I love it!!!
What is it about sex that is so hypnotic that people seem to lose their bearings and gamble away all they have achieved in life, be it personal or professional? We have all heard stories about the richest people being put through financially staggering divorces, witnessed the most powerful and famous people in the world be it sporting heroes like Tiger Woods, film stars like Kirsten Steward, and great leaders and politicians all over the world fall from grace, lose the support of their fans and vote banks just because adulterous sex at that point mattered more than anything else. You see people in abject poverty, who can barely make ends meet, and virtually live on only the love and support of their families gambling even that away with their adulterous liaisons. I personally break adulterous individuals into two categories, needy or greedy. The greedy ones deserve what they get, be it emotional, mental, social and financial whacking from their partners, but it is the cause of the needy adulterer that needs to be addressed with empathy. I know of many that deny their partners sex. They could be gay people forced into “socially acceptable” marriages by their families, or impotent men, frigid women, etc. In such situations, the partner has no option except to live with the sexual barrenness. Self-satisfy or cheat. Bottom line is that a fulfilling sex life is fundamental to a fulfilling relationship, so if you don’t have one and crave it, speak to your partner about your needs before the need for fulfilling sex gets the better of your senses. There are always positive solutions to every problem as long as you acknowledge the problem exists. Cheating is really, a wretched solution.

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