Thursday, January 30, 2014

Malaysia's Alvin Tan Jye Yee, The Neo-Nazi NUS Porn Scholar

For all their lives women have been told that they must pamper the man who has come home weary from fighting the wars (now corporate ones). Traditionally a man comes home, puts on some pyjama’s, relaxes and turns on the television while the woman of the home scurries around putting out food and making sure everything is clean and in order. But what if the woman has had a long day at work too? Why is it that she is still expected to do the woman’s job despite being a financially contributing partner in the relationship? If it is expected of her to do certain things, why is it so difficult for the man to remember to thank her for doing it? I truly believe a little effort goes a long way in creating fulfilling relationships and today’s column attempts to guide you to create a much more satisfying and happier ‘couple space’, through gratitude and manners. There is nothing more sapping to a relationship, than feeling taken for granted.  A simple little “thank you”, (daily) for efforts that are put in (daily), or a warm hug for a hot meal prepared, or for that matter, simply making an effort to groom yourself and look your best for your life partner. If you can do it for your work environment and your boss, why take the most important in your life for granted?  If you can put in the effort for money, then why not do it for love and a happy home environment? These are simple building blocks for rewarding relationships, don’t you want one?

Do do you remember the Alvin And Vivian Sumptuous Erotica Malaysian Sex Blog Exposed With Nude Photos And Sex Videos post that got Singapore and Malaysia buzzing? Well we have a little more information on one of the people that was shot into the limelight as a result of that post. Someone was diligent enough to document the shenanigans of Alvin Tan on Facebook and was kind enough to share with us via a series of emails. Most interesting of Alvin's shenanigans is his proclamation of being a Neo-Nazi and what appear to be a Nazi tattoo showing a swastika on his chest. That is right, this guy is an Asian Neo-Nazi... LOL! Also we get a look at a few of the other girls that Alvin was courting and/or stalking on Facebook who very well could have been in Vivian's place instead of her.

Since the tale of Alvin Tan and his girlfriend Vivian was first posted on GutterUncensored last month he has gotten much attention in Singapore and Malaysia. He has been interviewed on TV and radio many times in that time but we are nothing really learning anything new. Thankfully the GutterUncensore has been saving new details on this scandal for after the ruling from NUS. The National University of Singapore (NUS) has terminated the scholarship of Alvin Tan who sparked controversy in Singapore and Malaysia by posting sex videos and photos of him and his girlfriend online. But the university stop short of expelling him.

 Some say despite getting 10 years of free education in Singapore thanks to the PAP government policies, Alvin Tan does not seem to think too highly of them. In a lengthy article on the merits of living in Malaysia as compared to Singapore, Alvin wrote:
"Both people in Malaysia and Singapore have to put with an awful amount of bullshit. In Singapore, you have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge, making life a living hell for everyone with price hikes, non-sensible immigration policies, and even more new laws to curb personal freedoms or scare people into voluntarily surrendering their freedoms (CPF withdrawal age, anyone?)."

However it might not be best to get your critic on life in Singapore from an Asian guy who is a self-identify Neo-Nazi. Who knew there were Chinese-Malaysian Neo-Nazis? Anyway, the emails reveal much more about Alvin so here you go.

Kiss and tell!

There are so many varieties of kisses that depict varying emotions. A ‘butterfly kiss’, when you flutter your lashes against your partner’s cheeks, is considered playful, whereas a ‘forehead kiss’ shows adoration and respect, as does a kiss on the back of your hand. The ‘Eskimo kiss’, where people rub their noses as a sign of affection, is in direct contrast to ‘air kissing’, which is the most pretentious of all affectionate kisses. 

But when you watch a ‘real kiss’ on screen, you immediately experience a reaction ranging from a ‘sigh’ at a perfectly timed romantic, gentle or passionate kiss all the way to an ‘Ugh!’, when a brute forces himself onto a girl. Fact is that a kiss tells you so much about a person, their personality, and it is an amazing tool for expressing emotions. Obviously whilst in a relationship, couples vary their kissing style depending on the moment and their emotional state, but what’s being discussed here is the ‘first kiss’!


And it should be a dealmaker or breaker, because it’s a great indicator as to whether the personality type is in sync with yours or not. You know what qualities to expect from a man who is a gentle and tender kisser or someone who is dominating, forceful and controlling, or a man whose kisses are sloppy and wimpy. There are those that are racy, explorative and adventurous and then there are some that don’t know it’s very unbecoming to taste a woman’s tonsils on their first kiss. If you want to truly understand the kind of partner you are choosing for yourself, pay attention to the first kiss. It begins with a kiss... and sealed with a kiss too.

LOL... He seem to have last updated his profile only 5 days go and he last logged on yesterday. Jane better watch her husband because in a few of the pictures below he has some chick name Jillian Lim written on his chest. Wonder if he is still marred to Jane or what? Anyway, I don't want to pay $29.95 to get the high res pictures and the videos of a guy to post them here so you are only getting the low res versions minus the videos. If someone with an account at 
NewbieNudes snatch the high res pics and the videos before Adil Sayeed's delete his Sonic_7 profile then it can be posted on the Gutter Uncensored. Just email it if you want and it will be shared on this post. Here are a bunch of pictures of Adil Sayeed exhibitionist activities all over Malaysia. I wonder who is behind the camera? Could it be Jane Lo Li? Anyway, first are a few yet to be posted on Gutter photos of Alyssa with Adil to let this post be less homo. Click on pictures to enlarge.

And here are the latest shocking pictures Adil seem to have posted on Newbienudes leaving me to wonder who is Jillian Lim and where are her nude pictures:

Here is something to get that out of your head:


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