Tuesday, March 19, 2013

just like Najib Soi Lek say his 'touch and go' notoriety with Malaysian Chinese Whores

 Women admit sex with  this pornstar Soi Lek always better

Never before had we come across such a shameless and thickskinned political eunuch like CSL.Had another Chinese been caught and exposed as the pornstar like CSL,the poor chap would have long gone into hiding and cast himself into oblivion.But this pornstar CSL could even be elected as the president of the useless party by all the blind central delegates.Now this pornstar tak malu some more talk cock again.Over a third of women confess that they had the best sex of their lives in a previous relationship, according to a recent survey. 

Meanwhile just 29 per cent of men said their best sex was with an ex, according to the poll of 1,100 men and women by sex toy retailer Lovehoney. 

This 'grass is greener' sexual syndrome isn't new, said sex expert Tracey Cox. 

"Women don't tend to marry the guy they had great sex with. They marry for more 'sensible' attributes - like whether he'll be loyal and a good father. I get lots of emails from women saying they love their husbands but fantasise about sex with their exes," the Daily Mail quoted Cox as saying. 

"They don't regret not choosing them as long-term mates, but they do miss the great sex they had," she added. 

Both sexes also revealed that sex gets better with age with just seven per cent of both women and men naming their first love as their best lover. 

Many agreed 'love' and 'passion' makes the best sex. 

Only 4 per cent of women and 3 per cent of men said their best sex was a one-night stand and just 1 per cent of both sexes named a holiday fling as their best sex. 

But the levels of sexual satisfaction with their current partners differ for men and women. 

Sixty-two per cent of women and 71 per cent of men said their best sex was with their current partner.

When it comes to wooing a lady, older men are said to score over the younger ones

According to a recent survey, men — like fine wine and cheese — just get better with age. The survey claims that at 53, men become more romantic and are more likely to surprise their partners with romantic symbols such as roses, champagne and poetry.

Many experts, however, dispute this. Romance, they say, is all in the mind and has really nothing to do with age. Claiming that it's all about eagerness, some experts opine that if a man really likes someone, he will be more than eager to indulge her with romantic gestures, no matter how old or how young he is.

They reason that younger men are less likely to go in for romantic gestures is because they could just go wrong. Experts reason that older men may have tried and tested formulae, which younger men are yet to master. Hence, they add, if a young woman feels that the men she is dating are rubbish at romance, maybe she should go out with an older man and figure out if they are really better at this game.

One can't really put an age on romance. It's a different story every time. It all depends onthe situation that prevails — and of course, the couple. Romance can happen to anyone and more importantly, at any time — it's just the moment when it arrives. The best advice experts give is to be spontaneous.

It need not be bold, it need not be wild — there are subtle ways of arousing your man

There are several things that can turn him on, some of which are pretty erotic, while others are simply suggestive. However knowing how to keep the spark alive between the two of you is imperative in a long-term relationship. We give you certain subtle gestures that will give him the hint.

Blow and bite his ears: It is subtle but thrilling and a trick that will give him goosebumps. The ears are a very sensitive zone for both men and women, so blowing into his ears is an excellent way to get a guy hard. To tickle his libido a little more, try biting the outer edge of his ears and watch him shiver in ecstasy.

Nibble his neck: Much like the ears, the neck is a very sensitive area as well. Gently bite or lick his neck to give him the hint. It will leave him gasping for more and get you exactly what you want.

Touch his chest and waist: Contrary to popular belief, men actually enjoy being touched. Gently run your nails all over his chest and down to his waist curves, and watch his skin burst into goosebumps.

Tease him: Believe it or not, men actually prefer a woman who can speak her mind, especially when it comes to erotica. If you are not too comfortable with hardcore dirty talk, just tease him lightly and that should do it.

Touch yourself: Finally, the one sure-fire way to get your man hard is by simply touching yourself. Most men find it extremely attractive when their ladylove is sheepishly touching herself and alluring him with that 'come hither' look.

 I am sure MCA and MIC will be part of the history books soon. The question is how soon? As for UMNO, the Malay tribal loyalty among its members will keep them kicking for quite sometime. But on the other side, how long will the convenient marriage between DAP and PAS will last is another question to ponder. Maybe the marriage can last as long as one can triumph the other over something I am yet to figure. Politics in Malaysia is getting juicy everyday

HOT!!! Tiger Show by Shaila Nair
Shaila Nair Who?
Well, she is wife of Vel Paari, son MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu …
Very hot looking wife of Vel Paari, Shaila Nair talks very dirty in this clip (in English) to her lover. He is holding the cell phone that it is being recorded on and you can hear him grunting as he plays with himself. She tells him she wants to hold his c@ck, wants to lick his c@ck and b@lls everywhere …
Who is she really? Well, she is married to a very influential Malaysian politician and playboy. See below from the Malaysian Journal of Politics and Law. (BTW, This clip is not fuzzy and unrecognisable!)They are just friends outside — going out, partying, catching up over adda. But in the bedroom, they’re mates in the true sense of the word. That’s why they’re called friends with benefits, or — in GenNext lingo — f*** buddies. The reasons to not get involved with a married man are plenty — heartbreaks, … Read more HOW TO HAVE BETTER SEX INDIAN STYLE

6 Ways to get a stronger erection
6 Ways to get a stronger erection (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)Have you ever felt ashamed of not satisfying your partner because of erection problems?
Have you ever felt ashamed of not satisfying your partner because of erection problems?

As you grow older you'll find it a little difficult to get a strong erection and satisfy your partner in bed. A weak erection can strain your sexual relationship, and hurt your pride as well, to say the least. So, it is always necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a fully satisfying sex life.

Remember, a strong and hard erection is something women crave most for while you gear up for some action between the sheets.

We bring you six ways to get a harder erection.

1. Eat well, keep it hard: Simple changes in your diet can increase your libido and give you a harder erection. Foods like bananas, eggs, nuts, figs, chillies, onions, and wine can increase your sexual prowess. Word of caution: Steer clear of junk food.

2. Your penis needs exercise: Healthy men are always sexually active. Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your sex drive and sexual potency. It reduces stress which is an erection-killer, and helps enhance testosterone production in the body. Kegel exercises are a perfect workout for the penis.

3. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol: You must have heard this a million times, smoking and drinking can really affect your sexual life. Smoking decreases your blood circulation, and results in less lung capacity. It can impact your ability to get and maintain an erection. And alcohol can numb the body and lead to temporary erectile dysfunction.

4. Don't masturbate too often: Save something for a real sex. Excessive masturbation can decrease your sexual appetite. Continual erections and ejaculations may lead to weaker erection the next day. So, control the urge!

5. Know the right sex positions: Always warm up with oral sex. Sexual positions like missionary and doggy style allow more blood flow, leading to a stronger and harder erection. And don't ever let her ride you first!

6. Throw away those tight undergarments: Avoid wearing tight, or any, undergarments, for that matter, while sleeping. It restricts blood flow to the penile tissues which in turn can affect erection strength. Always go for loose, airy underwear.

Simply stop worrying about weak erections and lead a healthy sex life.

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