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Mahathir's Mafia hitman Yakuza Vijay

For the last few months one would be forgiven for believing that the lunatics have been running the asylum called the UMNO-BARISAN, so inconsistent and muddled their actions have been. But after yesterday, it is worth asking if even the lunatics are in charge. Enough has been said about the incomprehensible strangeness of the government’s actions, and in any case this level of mismanagement is so self-evident that additional comment is unnecessary. What is interesting however is to ask what would make a group of reasonably savvy, seasoned politicians used to exercising and staying in power act in such a self-defeating manner.eventually ANWAR lost  patience with  UMNO. 

What has been particularly striking is the government’s confidence in its ability to get away with anything that it chooses to do or say and do so in front of a raging media. It has repeatedly indulged in mudslinging of the most outrageous kind, targeting specific individuals in what is a blatant abuse of power and ignoring that Rafizi’s personal probity has nothing to do with his demands- even if he and his team were the most corrupt people in  Malaysia, it in no way changes the legitimacy or otherwise of his cause. It has concocted a transparently flimsy story about the threat to public peace and put forward conditions for the protest that are illegal in spirit if not in letter, and believes that it can brazen out any position it takes, no matter how provocative. There is some reason for the government to feel this way. Over the last few months it has faced a large number of scams and charges and has used the deny/counter-accuse/obfuscate strategy with reasonable effectiveness. It has acted only when compelled to do so by the courts, and has otherwise used the media to fight its battles. Its’ understanding of the media and its impulses has been sophisticated for most part. It understands that the best defense is a stinging counterattack on the accuser’s own credentials- this tends to work because few politicians or political parties can stand up to scrutiny and also because media is hard wired to report any and every accusations, however bizarre, motivated and transparently false it might be. It also understands that everything is transient in a world of 24X7 television, and eventually all scandals pass, leaving a residue of nothing but dimly remembered noise. This insight has been used with telling effect, night after night, as it squares off with the opposition and goes through the same ritual, benumbing viewers, de-sensitising them gradually
The problem is that media has a third effect which the government has ignored and which has proved decisive in this case. In today’s environment, media has an enormous ability to create a hyper-charged environment and put enormous pressure in the here-and-now. It intensifies the moment and presents it at such a high pitch that it pushes things to a breaking point very quickly. All it needs a legitimate spark of something real and in this case that has been more than forthcoming. 
His name is  Yakuza Vijay He was a lawyer (among many lawyers) on Anwar's panel of defense lawyers in the Sodomy 2 Trial. Well Mr Yakuza  Vijay is obviously is now hired Tun Mahathir UMNO'S mafia leader

This raises a very fundamental question whether the government’s in power at the center and states are duty bound to uphold and protect the values enshrined in the constitution at all costs or if it is contingent on factors such as law and order and if so to what extent? Are the fundamental rights spelt out in the constitution subordinate to prevailing or created law and order situations? If that be the premise, with indiscipline and intolerance growing by the day, are we knocking at the door of autocracy in some form or the other sooner than later?

He has written a long e-mail exposing quite a few things about the Sodomy 2 Trial to Free Malaysia Today. Here is the full text of his e-mail which has appeared in Free Malaysia Today. He says this is Part 1.

 Yakuza  adalah peguam yang terbabit secara langsung dalam Liwat II bagi pihak Anwar Ibrahim.  
 Yakuza  dengan salah seorang peguam Anwar dan beliau melakukan semua kerja-kerja penyelidikan dan mencari bahan untuk mempertahankan Anwar.

Beliau telah menghantar email ke sebuah portal berita menceritakan rasa bosannya melihat sikap bermuka-muka Anwar dalam isu Liwat II.

Dalam email berkenaan, Yuktes turut melontarkan beberapa persoalan yang menghantui dirinya dan mahukan para penyokong Pakatan Rakyat bertanya sendiri kepada Anwar untuk mendapatkan jawapan.

They refer Free Malaysia Today here.

 The larger trouble is that what starts out as a necessary device to manage media ends up seriously compromising one’s own sense of reality. Since all arguments are championed with the same intensity, and all tactics no matter how small-minded or devious are seen to be fair game, there comes to exist a belief that there is no limit to what can be defended and that there is no difference between good and bad policy, real and pretend outrage, a good argument and a truthful one. Talking incessantly makes one deaf to the sound of other voices which in turns makes one impervious to what is happening rightin front of one’s nose. The deaf become the blind, and to the blind, as someone has said, everything is surprising.A CHOOI ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR Okay, we have a situation here… Pictures of this chick was posted over the weekend without much info but several people are now saying she is a lawyer from Malaysia. And I like lawyer chicks who put on lingerie and pose for revealing pictures in hotel rooms so I am interested in … Read more

FMT LETTER: From Yuktes Vijay, via e-mail

I read with anger the news that Saiful’s dad has joined PKR. I knew from Day 1 that the party was devoid of any integrity but for it to stoop to this extent is just mind boggling. I was working with one of Anwar’s long-time lawyers during the whole course of Sodomy 2 and was involved in A-Z of the trial itself.
UMI HAFILDA SAYS HAVING SEX WITH SAIFOOL IS LIFE’S ULTIMATE PLEASURE My efforts in this writeup are simply analytical. I am not here to take sides. Just trying to notice the vast change that came in world politics in the last four decades. These methods were effective for the purpose used, and undoubtedly emerge from extremely … Read more

When I say A-Z, it means from meeting the forensic and DNA experts to reviewing of the documents to finding case laws for his submissions. I was involved in everything. I do not wish to mention the name of the lawyer here as I revere him as my mentor and I do not wish to drag him into this frustration and anger pouring of mine.ZAMREE  IALAH  SAEKOR EEE KAH KAH KAH Azlan Lazim’s conscience must have pricked him, similar to what carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan has faced. He must have found it difficult to sleep or faced his friends, relatives and family. some of you out there could still think Najib is righteous and Anwar is the evil … Read more

Why Anwar never took the stand?

Anwar claimed that he was never offered a fair trial. The truth is he was never brave enough to take the stand. He was never going to withstand the questions that were about to be put forward to his now ally Datuk Yusof. If you Pakatanians have doubts, why not ask him these questions and get valid, acceptable and not logically challenging answers for it.Five years ago, Malaysia’s general elections yielded one of the worst results for Barisan Nasional in the nation’s history – with almost 40 per cent of parliamentary seats going to opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat. To mark the occasion, Keadilan’s Media Rakyat has released an almost 3-minute long YouTube video featuring a montage of opposition leader … Read more

Why did Anwar personally and specifically request his Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Yaakob to send Saiful to the apartment carrying documents when there were other staff there;Time to face our demons The event has been covered, discussed and unceasingly analysed in the media and public forums. It has shaped the politics of our country. And yet, i feel we have not done something essential that is required to come to terms with such a tragedy. We haven’t faced our demons. In … Read more

How come Saiful was aware of the code to enter the apartment which was ‘Mokhtar’, the name of Anwar’s security chief and brother-in-law? ;Prime Minister Najib must immediately reveal the full extent of his knowledge of the involvement of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in the Sodomy II allegations, said PKR. There appears to be a hell of a lot of DRILLING going on in the Palace of Justice. And with the Chief Justice illegally marrying a second … Read more

Video evidence that was sent to Gandhi Labs in New Delhi confirmed the presence of Saiful in the apartment, so how can Saiful’s presence in the apartment be refuted;Saiful’s dad apologises to Anwar, claims his son used The father of Saiful Bukhari has apologised to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, claiming that his son had been used by irresponsible quarters, including an officer of the prime minister, to defame Anwar in Sodomy II. We can’t tell you how happy we are … Read more

Why was Saiful afforded special treatment i.e. he was given his own room, privilege of following Anwar for overseas trips though he was a new staff;Given the prevailing feudalistic practices in Malaysia, no CEO of a government-controlled corporation will ignore the offspring of the advisor in any business deal, whether or not a request has been made.Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s wife and daughter went into politics to save their father’s legacy and to fight for justice on his behalf. Mahathir’s … Read more

Anwar’s current aide, Najwan Halimi had previously e-mailed Anwar and told him about Saiful’s apparent afflictions to BN. Why was the call not heeded by Anwar?News that the mysterious Flora was another lass in the PM’s ‘harem’ is bound to reverberate and seal his already shaky fate in Umno, where purportedly there are already a dozen plots to oust him by leaders including his own deputy Muhyiddin Yassin and former mentor Mahathir Mohamad. It is clear Deepak has more details …Read more

Fearing that Anwar will not be able to withstand the onslaught by the Prosecution, the defence team then decided to ask him not to take stand uder the pretext that he was not offered a fair trial.Anwar excelled in conning, deceiving and cheating the public by assuming a Mandela like persona. He is no Mandela, merely a good con artist.

Fund for the overseas experts

The surprising factor here is why no one has ever questioned the fees that were involved in paying the forensic experts, Dr Brian Macdonald and Dr David WellsJust how independent is independence?  A funny question to ask when the face of the reality that confines us, is freedom, total freedom, an illusion?  On the contrary.  The sage would say that it is what we call reality  which is the illusion and freedom which is the reality.  We are born free and, through our … Read more

Contrary to what the general public have been made to believe, they were paid hefty sums to defend him. When they were here, they stayed in Shang-ri La Hotel for a number of days.  Where did the money to pay the hotels come from? One of the greatest flaws in the Malaysian system of governance, says a retired appellate court judge, is placing people like Mahathir the former prime ministers above the law and beyond the review of the judiciary. VIPism is a relic of 19th century colonialism. The only VIPs in Malaysia are its citizens. As Felix Frankfurter, … Read more

Did Anwar pay from his own pocket? No, he does not even pay his lawyers. So, he had very rich Datuks funding him. I do know the name of the Datuk, but for the reasons known close to me I will not disclose the name.The problem is if PKR can throw questions as to the wedding expenditure of the Prime Minister,why not question where the money to pay these experts came from? The yellow line There was a time when the sense of right and wrong was received as a legacy from the past. The definitions were by no means perfect but clarity certainly prevailed about was deemed desirable and what was not. As the past  loosens its grip on us and we emerge as individuals that … Read more


I don’t know much about Saiful. The only thing I can say is that the reason he was denied justice is that the Investigating Officer, Jude Perreira, ignored the protocols told to him by Jabatan Kimia and decided to do his things his own way.

There were traces of Anwar’s DNA in his rectum. The only thing that stopped the judge from convicting Anwar was the “break in the chain of evidence”. I will write a full piece on this soon.This drama itself deserves a full piece write up.

In a nutshell, there was evidence of Anwar’s semen in Saiful’s rectum. However, due to a break in chain of evidence and the question mark over the integrity of the samples, the evidence was not used. The last few days of Mahathir’s life. is he prepared? 

So the judge had no other way of corroborating Saiful’s evidence.Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.  Of course not. Outside of your comfort zone, it is doubtful that you are able to find your way around. Well definitely it is more “fun” and “risk free” to be the puppet master than to be in the … Read more

Conclusion for Part 1

Anwar is a consummate liar. He is using Saiful’s dad to play up his victim role in order to garner votes. We all know for a fact that since he got acquitted he has lost that bit of “charm” about him as he has nothing to yell about anymore. I really hope he sues me so that I can prove in Court what I have just mentioned.It is with redoubled, but happy irony that this blog follows, as Rosmah turned 64. At 64, it has been injected with a powerful dose of ebullient, zesty, fiery, unbending, youthful vigor that promises to lay bare the endemic monster of corruption across all factions of our national fiber. It happened because a man believed … Read more

Remember Anwar Ibrahim, I grew up adoring you. I know your modus operandi and I aspired to be you. Sue me please. Let the public watch Anwar vs Anwar clone (which is me) in action.  And  remember the e-mails, Astroboy? I have all of them saved. Come get me!  our own Channel lclick for morehttp://www.youtube.com/blogs/suarakeadilanmalaysia Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.  Of course not. Outside of your comfort zone, it is doubtful that you are able to find your way around. Well definitely it is more “fun” and “risk free” to be the puppet … Read more

The writer,These issues raise some pertinent questions. Are our laws adequate to deal with such situations? How effective are our law enforcement agencies? Are our bureaucrats aware as to how to put to use our laws and law enforcement agencies to maneuver around such threats? Or have our “Mahathir Raj” politics come to hound us? Has indiscipline nourished in the name of freedom by our governments in power right from our independence been responsible for this state of affairs? Has degeneration of our political system and corruption that has permeated every part of our governance eroded the authority, respect and the ability of our leadership to govern? It is time we address these issues and find an answer, lest democracy ditches us.  
The country needs to ponder and decide if we wish and aspire to provide a dignified life to our citizens and the future generation. Human dignity is a derivative of flourishing fundamental rights in a democracy.
The question is if an elected government finds it impossible to protect the constitution, does it have a right to govern? What then is the answer? Will some constitutional expert clarify?
will automotically put you life in prison , for what you stand as a traitor and colabrater of enemies of Anwar So becareful what you wish for .
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  2. Raja Petra Kamarudin
  3. Zaid Ibrahim
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  5. Gobala
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  8. Chandra Muzaffar
  9. Ezzam Mohd Noor
  10. Nallakaruppan
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  12. Yakuza  Vijay 
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