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SOILED LEK What good sex means to MCA women

Women have sex for the same reasons men do. Because they can. And then some. Here's a sneaky cure for the 'headache' epidemic.

Basic instincts are anything but basic. If the book Why Women Have Sex by clinical psychologist Cindy Meston and evolutionary psychologist David Buss is to be believed, women and sex have almost nothing to do with love. They have, however, found 237 other reasons. If you thought women were complicated earlier, good luck stroking this one.

After over a thousand interviews, Meston and Buss have managed to fashion a nuanced portrait of female sexuality. Sexual motivations for women are wide ranging — using sex as a defensive tactic against a mate's infidelity (protection); a ploy to boost self-confidence (status); a barter for gifts or household chores (resource acquisition); a cure for a migraine (medication). Somewhere, love finds a mention.

So the question is what makes women tick? Why are Clooney and Saif (for us) and Dilip Kumar (for our mothers) still our mental go-to guys?

Like it or not, it has little to do with your tailored suit and suave haircut and more to do with your genetic disposition and complimentary MHC (Major histo-compatibility) gene complex. In man-speak, that means, she wants you because you're loaded with what biologists call "genetic benefits" and "resource benefits." Genetically speaking, you're the bees knees and any kids produced out of this union will be prime quality. As for resource benefits, let's just say, she married you for the house, the car, the club membership and your ability to protect the aforementioned healthy offspring.

This also explains why certain balding, potbellied men find takers sooner than their well-bodied, charming counterparts. Women are known to give brownie points to loyalty and his ability to provide for the family and not just his ability to spread quality spawn.

According to studies conducted by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria, how women select their mate finds merit in the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest. It can be annoying, but the study states that picky women are actually the key to survival and biodiversity. For example, if all women universally liked tall men, short men would be headed for extinction, or men with small feet would find no place in the world.

As for women in 'love', it can be translated into — security, I won't find anyone like him, good father material, apt provider, self confidence. Carnal sexual motivation however, has more options — Revenge, envy, jealousy, money, barter, guilt, punishment, duty, loyalty, a lesson on loyalty, power and domination, to sometimes, pure evil. In effect, they use sex to express love, and to get it, and to try and keep it.

What good sex means to women in Mumbai
Shobha De, in one of her observations about sex years ago, had said that earlier women just hitched up their sarees, closed their eyes and thought about Dilip Kumar. Has the scenario changed in urban India as increasingly more women find themselves freed from the shackles of guilt as far as getting some good, therapeutic action goes?

We spoke to women between the ages of 20-40 and found that while love was a high priority for women, there were several other interesting reasons that prompted them to sleep with men who may not be their knight-in-shining armour. Here are some of the factors that motivate Mumbai's feisty ladies for that spontaneous quickie or a roll in the hay...

Late bloomers
A 26-year-old young entrepreneur giggled as she confessed that it was the best birthday gift she had given... herself. "I was 23 and probably the oldest virgin in the world. At least, that's what it felt like then," she says. "I really wanted to know what I was missing out on." Young women feel the peer pressure if they are the last to be clutching on to their hymens in their group, even if unwillingly. Virginity is finally losing its spot on the pedestal as the greatest gift you can give to someone you love.

Dog training
A large number of the women surveyed also described sex as a tool for 'dog training'. Train the penis, and the man will follow, seemed to be the general philosophy.

A 30-year-old banker said she withheld sex in her marriage when she was displeased, and used it when she was in a pliant mood. "It helps to have owned dogs all your life," she jokes.

Women who want to keep the power in the relationship learn to excel at this very quickly.

A 27-year-old entrepreneur said that her first marriage wasn't promising in terms of sex, but her husband had the right credentials. But in her second marriage, she is crazy about her man even if she earns more than him and he won't fit the bracket of the 'provider'. Other women felt that sex wasn't as important in the larger scheme of things. A good home and status was enough to keep a good marriage going.

Because it's there
When we asked a 27-year-old stylist about her motivations for sex, she asked if it was a rhetorical question. She had a couple of encounters, because, well, they presented themselves. Obviously. "It's like, why the f... not?" she shrugs. What a revolutionary idea. Have sex simply because it's available. It is gaining popularity as a recreational tool, especially when women are between relationships or just plain bored.

The mood lifter 
Women in high-stress jobs or those feeling low sang praises for the therapeutic properties of sex. "It destresses me," said a 32-year-old advertising professional. Another attractive furniture designer said there was nothing like sex to lift up her mood when she was bummed out.

Sex releases the feel-good hormones and what better way to unwind? And you sleep soundly!

To get it over with
A 31-year-old HR professional says, "Sometimes you just want to get it over with and move on to the list of chores that you need to finish." Women sometimes find it easier to tick it off the to-do list than launch into elaborate measures that involve feigning headaches, or making excuses and then feeling guilty when the partner sulks wearing a permanent hurt puppy look.

The United Colors of Benetton experience
Sometimes sex has been a great tool for cultural assimilation, women have found. A young media professional who did a stint in an American university discovered just that. Another banker, a frequent traveler, said that she was always curious. "I'd heard that once you go black, you can't go back. So I wanted to see if that was true," she admits. Curiosity can be a prime motivator for women to experiment sexually. And on holiday, the normal rules don't always apply and the anonymity bolsters confidence for women.

A young IT professional said that she had cheated briefly in her marriage only once. "But that's only because things were not good in our relationship," she says. Another hairdresser said that she felt betrayed when she found out that her husband had cheated on her. She slept with a close friend and felt vindicated. For the moment.

Fear of losing a man
A PR professional candidly said that once she had sex for fear of losing her boyfriend in the initial stages of her relationship. She thought that he might lose interest and move on to someone who "was going to give him some." The smart men can be cunning and play on a woman's insecurities. Younger or naive women tend to fall for this guilt-trap.

Women have needs too
More and more women are cognisant of their needs and refuse to feel guilty about wanting good sex. A whopping 50 per cent of the women said that "they just wanted some" and cited "hormonal reasons". "Hormones have feelings too," said one media professional with a straight face. Two women said they had a friend with benefits. It was convenient and a better than ending up in an arid, sex desert landscape.

Rejection and self-esteem
A media professional found herself in relationships with two 'losers' back to back. When she started dating a nice guy, she had planned to 'hold back and make it special'. "The idea seemed overrated very soon," she says. "I needed to break the jinx!'

A good session that ends on a high note seems to work like a balm for bruised self-esteem. Another young marketing professional, said that when she realised she had dated a loser, she felt such self-loathing that the only cure was to be found in the arms of a man she was wildly attracted to, even if she was not in a relationship with him.

Sex with a new partner also balances off rejection. Women who've been dumped or ended relationships for practical rather than emotional reasons, may find solace without the emotional investment they may not be ready for. As the marketing professional confessed, it makes you feel 'like you're still wanted'.
The Kamasutra has inspired the world to experiment with really sensual lovemaking positions. We bring you a few extremely combustible options to tempt, thrill and please your partner no end. 

Grab your guy and get ready for a heady trip towards erotica

Baithe baithe 
Tempt your partner so sit and lie back in a comfy chair, his legs slightly spread. You can position yourself in such a manner that you face him, and you both are chest to chest. Move up and down very slowly and watch desire hot in his eyes. 

Why you will love it: It's a girl-on-top position but with a difference. The chair will provide just enough space for movement and the compactness will bring with it a lusty intimacy. Kiss and caress his face, chest and get ready for some unbelievable action later on the bed. 

Kamal ka phool 
Yoga has some really sexy and hot asanas. If you are big on fitness, you will know then that the lotus position is such where a lot of naughty stuff can happen as well. First have your partner sit with legs folded in a lotus position, now sit in his lap facing him and wrap your legs tightly around his waist. Hug him and share a long kiss. Rock back and forth and your partner should do the same. The movement will drive you both crazy. 

Alternatively, sit in his lap with your back to him. Let his member slide into you and his arms be wrapped around you. Now rock back and forth and watch desire spiral. 

Why you will love it: Yoga fanatics, this one couldn't be more perfect for you! 

Ek karwat 
You and your partner lie on your sides facing each other. First, you lower your crotch onto his, wrapping your legs around either side of his torso. Your arms should be holding him tight and close. He then encircles your waist with his legs and grips your upper thighs and thrusts gently. 

Why you will love it: Like most side-by-side sex positions, this one promises ecstasy. The nerve-endings of your vagina and his penis get fired up in this position. 

Jangha vibhor 
This woman on top position is packed with heady pleasure. Let your guy lie on his back and have him stretch both his legs in front of him. Then he can bend on leg and point his knee upwards. All the while facing him, lower yourself in such a manner where you can slide in his member into you and hold his bent knee for support. Now rock back and forth or up and down as your pleasure be. 

Why you will love it: By combining two or more poses you explore your own sensuality which in turn will prep you up for mind-boggling orgasms

Kamar ka kamaal 
Have your man sit on the bed with his legs extended in front of him. Crawl up to him on your knees and straddle him, lowering yourself onto his erect penis. Once you're comfortable, arch into a back bend - but be careful not to strain your lower back. Rest your head between his legs on the bed and reach your hands back to grab hold of his ankles or feet. That's when he leans forward and the fun begins. 

Why you will love it: Throw your head back, close your eyes, and totally let go, because this position will connect you two like no other.

It need not be bold, it need not be wild — there are subtle ways of arousing your man

There are several things that can turn him on, some of which are pretty erotic, while others are simply suggestive. However knowing how to keep the spark alive between the two of you is imperative in a long-term relationship. We give you certain subtle gestures that will give him the hint.

Blow and bite his ears: It is subtle but thrilling and a trick that will give him goosebumps. The ears are a very sensitive zone for both men and women, so blowing into his ears is an excellent way to get a guy hard. To tickle his libido a little more, try biting the outer edge of his ears and watch him shiver in ecstasy.

Nibble his neck: Much like the ears, the neck is a very sensitive area as well. Gently bite or lick his neck to give him the hint. It will leave him gasping for more and get you exactly what you want.

Touch his chest and waist: Contrary to popular belief, men actually enjoy being touched. Gently run your nails all over his chest and down to his waist curves, and watch his skin burst into goosebumps.

Tease him: Believe it or not, men actually prefer a woman who can speak her mind, especially when it comes to erotica. If you are not too comfortable with hardcore dirty talk, just tease him lightly and that should do it.

Touch yourself: Finally, the one sure-fire way to get your man hard is by simply touching yourself. Most men find it extremely attractive when their ladylove is sheepishly touching herself and alluring him with that 'come hither' look.

We all like to get experimental in the bedroom. Here's our expert decoding what your favourite position says about you 

A look at the choice of manoeuvres between the sheets is a great tell-tale sign about personality traits, preferences and quirks in an individual. Sex therapist and counsellor Simran Chaddha decodes favourite positions and uses them to read into that kinky personality. Here is what your favourite position says about you: 

The missionary man 
Don't dismiss him as jaded or boring. There is a lot to be said about stability, tenderness and someone who likes to colour within the lines. The body language is devoted towards you and it's all about looking at you. He maintains eye contact while sharing one of the most intimate experiences one can have. It's a sign of loyalty and dependability. It could also be a sign of borderline performance anxiety where he wants to constantly be reassured that he's doing okay by reading your expressions and moves. There is no harm in shaking things up once in a while, so make sure you encourage him to do so. 

Doggy style 
As much fun as this is for the man, it sends out a fairly strong message to his partner. While she may not particularly dislike it, busting this move over and over will eventually distance you from her. The position hands over controls entirely to the man, leaving the woman literally at his mercy. A kinky move for couples, no doubt, it doesn't exactly scream, 'I love and respect you.' A fixation towards this move stems from deep-rooted insecurity and confidence issues. The body language is distant, there is no eye contact and expresses a desire to control and feel 'alpha male.' He's a stud more than a metrosexual. On the plus side, he's open for adventure and will do anything that adds stars to his sexual escapades. Once in a while, it's fun, but if you find yourself veering towards wanting to show her who's the boss constantly, maybe its time you access your relationship quotient with your partner. 

The cowgirl 
A lazy lover isn't exactly a flattering term. If you've heard that before, it's time to learn some new moves. With the woman on top, it's a telling sign of a man who has had it easy in life, is arrogant and as the name suggests, Lazy. He wants things handed to him on a silver platter, including a girl who'll do all the hard work. There is a deeper strain of lack of motivation and ambition that runs through here. 

However, when used in combination with other more inclusive positions, this is a good indicator for playfulness and someone who doesn't mind handing over the controls once in a while. It is a position that works wonders for the woman and a loving man may encourage it for her optimum pleasure. So if it's one of his top fives, you have nothing to worry about, he likes showing you a good time. But if it's his staple move, it's time he gets off his back. 

The spooner 
Women cry hoarse looking for someone who'll spoon them. While it takes a confident man to spoon and caress a woman he loves, it is also an indicator for a possessive personality. In this dominant position, his entire body envelopes hers and he is literally all over her. He likes to claim territory and mark flags all over it. If, on the other hand, he likes to be spooned instead (you'll be surprised at the number of men who like it after the act), it indicates a needy personality that wants to be taken care of. There are signs of low self-esteem. 

Like in all relationships, one goes through phases of emotional highs and lows, which can manifest themselves in the sexual flavour of the month. So it's important that one doesn't take these as a rule of law and leaves room to accommodate for an evolutionary process all couples go through. 

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