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Chinese woman In a society like ours, Chinese woman our body is to make money not for marriageChina's ‘left over woman’.

It need not be bold, it need not be wild — there are subtle ways of arousing your man
There are several things that can turn him on, some of which are pretty erotic, while others are simply suggestive. However knowing how to keep the spark alive between the two of you is imperative in a long-term relationship. We give you certain subtle gestures that will give him the hint.Blow and bite his ears: It is subtle but thrilling and a trick that will give him goosebumps. The ears are a very sensitive zone for both men and women, so blowing into his ears is an excellent way to get a guy hard
. To tickle his libido a little more, try biting the outer edge of his ears and watch him shiver in ecstasy.Nibble his neck: Much like the ears, the neck is a very sensitive area as well. Gently bite or lick his neck to give him the hint. It will leave him gasping for more and get you exactly what you want.Touch his chest and waist: Contrary to popular belief, men actually enjoy being touched

. Gently run your nails all over his chest and down to his waist curves, and watch his skin burst into goosebumps.Tease him: Believe it or not, men actually prefer a woman who can speak her mind, especially when it comes to erotica. If you are not too comfortable with hardcore dirty talk, just tease him lightly and that should do it.
Why are some women all for marriage and why do some women run with the slight mention of "marriage"? 
In a society like ours, marriage is a norm. A norm followed so religiously that if you don't fit in there, then you're labeled an outcast. Why do some women feel the need to stay independent? A short take on how different women are... Some women don't want to be tamed. They want to go out into the wild, explore and create opportunities for themselves. Some women don't want to be domesticated, for the one basic reason that they don't believe this is the end for them. Some women are ambitious and inspirational, strong and steady and eons away from the reality that they are apparently supposed to be in. Some women, don't want to get married. Why and how do we decide our lives like this? Are we influenced or is that a conscious decision that we decide to make? Touch yourself: Finally, the one sure-fire way to get your man hard is by simply touching yourself. Most men find it extremely attractive when their ladylove is sheepishly touching herself and alluring him with that 'come hither' look.

China has upset its young female population by labelling those who fail to marry by the time they are 30 as ‘left over woman’.
The Communist government ordered its feminist All-China Women’s Federation to use the derogatory term in several stinging articles about the growing number of educated, professional, urban and single females aged 27-30 who have ‘failed’ to find a husband and are now deemed ‘undesirable’.
‘Pretty girls do not need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family. But girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult,’ reads one article titled ‘Leftover Women Do Not Deserve Our Sympathy’.
The derogatory name has been picked up by the state media and stuck, causing an outcry among millions of ambitious young and educated females who claim they have been thrown on the scrap heap - and who bemoan the low quality of suitors.
The conservative country is going under rapid changes with more women shunning tradition to wed and raise a family early.
But the government wants to shame them into marrying young to counter the growing and serious gender imbalance among the of 1.3 billion population.
Selective abortions because of the one-child policy means far more males are born then females - 118 boys to 100 girls.
The government is also worried hordes of unmarried men roaming the country could spark social havoc.
Leta Hong-Fincher, an American academic studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said: ‘Since 2007, the state media has aggressively disseminated the left over term in surveys, and news reports, and columns, and cartoons and pictures, basically stigmatising educated women over the age of 27 or 30 who are still single.'
Since the one child policy was introduced in 1979, there are now about 20 million more men under 30 than women under 30.
And census figures show that around one in five women aged 25-29 is unmarried.
The proportion of unmarried males that age is over a third higher - but Chinese men tend to ‘marry down’ both in terms of age and educational attainment.
There is an opinion that A-quality guys will find B-quality women, B-quality guys will find C-quality women, and C-quality men will find D-quality women,’ Huang Yuanyuan, a confident and single 29-year-old who works in a Beijing radio station, told the BBC.
‘The people left are A-quality women and D-quality men,’ she said.
But the Chinese Bridget Joneses are fighting back, demanding the government ban the ‘left over women term.
The All-China Federation of Women has recently dropped the label and now refers to 'old' unmarried women - but the left over expression remains widely used elsewhere.Bride to be, Mallika Jain is elated about her marriage. She doesn't seem to be nervous nor is she getting cold feet about getting hitched. "I was apprehensive in the beginning when we decided to get married but I am looking forward to a whole new life," says a very happy Mallika. She explains how a lot of her friends are completely anti-marriage and would rather be independent. "I tried telling them that marriage doesn't make you lose your independence, but they're so programmed to say no to marriage instantly that they are not willing to listen to me", says Mallika. Undue pressure and emotional blackmail leads most women to marry out of their will. Especially, if they are weak hearted. The entire guilt that their family is depending on them for some kind of happiness haunts them making it difficult for them to stay rooted to their beliefs and decisions. 
A tumultuous relationship between parents is a reason as to why children grow up feeling the need to not marry. They are affected by this and often question themselves as to 'if my parents went through this, I don't want to get married' kind of situation. Psychologist Niral Shah, mentions that watching relationships break down around leaves you skeptical. "It's very natural that women might feel like that. Some women are not wired to get married, take responsibilities or have children. It's almost the same as men not wanting to do the same. The difference here however is you're a woman! And it's an understood norm in any society that women are required to do all these! It is unfair, but unfortunately this is the truth", says Niral. 

Anjanaa Damodharan, all of 23 is a junior copy writer at an ad agency. She is married to her work and career and having fun exploring her creative side. "My personal opinion is that it's a total waste of time, energy and money and the whole concept of monogamy and staying faithful is very hard for a lot of people, especially our generation. It's very difficult to stay tied down now particularly, though there are women who like starting a family, there are more who are career-oriented and very ambitious.". Anjanaa goes onto say that if marriage requires a woman to say goodbye to a career then its best to say no to marriage. 

In recent times, however women have learnt to stand up for what they believe in and to follow what they deem is best for them. The concept of marriage is something you might either believe in or not. Some get it, some don't. And others dangle helplessly in between trying to make head and tail of this ritual called 'marriage'. 

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