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Sex with our Friends

April 29th, 2010

One night, Anita and Amit were sitting in the living room and relaxing after dinner. Anita was wearing just a panty and a long night shirt without a bra whereas Amit was in his boxer shorts and bare chested.

`Hey Amit,’ She said, reading the local paper. `Listen to this. They are looking for people to join a massage class. They teach the “art of sensual massage”. Do you want to try it?’

`I suppose so. How much is it?’ Amit asked.

`It’s 200 bucks per person and its here. Just in the neighborhood. They start tomorrow night. I’m going to call them. Shall I?’ Amit nodded.

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Gomti Express

April 27th, 2010

Hi Friends,
First of all I want to introduce myself. I am Sameer, I am 26 year old a software professional working in Noida, bordering Delhi. I am 5?10″ with good looking personality, normally I got second looks from girls and ladies. My family is in Aligarh, UP. The incident which I am going to tell you was happened one year back.

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Ideal Marriage (A fantasy)

April 25th, 2010

Waves of shimmering Surat heat bounced up from the slate border of the courtyard as Mala sat up. Her skin, already a deep bronze was glistening with sweat. It was three-thirty on a hot, still Saturday afternoon. Oh, well, she thought to herself, it’s time to go in and have a coke. Maybe that’ll give me a little lift so I can make it through the rest of the day. Turning, she looked over at her son, Atul and his wife, Kusum. They were ignoring her as usual as they playfully picked and poked at each other..

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Ashi fucked first time

April 23rd, 2010

Hi I am Ashi 23 yrs old, this happened when I was 17 and a virgin. I used to live with my parents’ friend after their death, I was 10 only when they passed away, so my parents’ friends took me in. I was comfortable with them as I knew them and they were like my family yrs passed and I got adjusted to the life. My aunt was good to me. My aunty was a gynaecologist. She taught me to shave my pussy and used to check my boobs to see it they were in good condition and used to touch my nipple and when I asked…

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April 21st, 2010

I always had a fascination for big kunnas and kundis and above all I like honey oozing out guys who in their walk and talk deliver honey. Today the guys have become sexier and breathe taking. I would like to share you my experience my true experience since Iam afraid those who know me would read I change the names and place. I work with a multi national company in human resource department. Iam 27 years old and reasonably good in the looks department. In our firm we have lots of beautiful guys but I have never thought of them in the sex way, I don’t know whether others look for me in the sexy. I live in a posh locality; we have lot of young guys there who are raring to go to be very frank just sex bombs. Some guys used to seek my help in their studies. We had a guy named Manu very tall well-built and above all super Kundi and Kunna. In my heart I have always wished for him and he was just natural. Always he used to do one thing he will keep opened a button of his shirt and while bending etc I can see his chest.

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My girl friend

April 19th, 2010

Dear desi fans I am c.m from bangalore I want to share my experience with you all I don’t want to bore you people I will directly go to story I was working in a small scale industry. I joined there in the year 1996 April. Life was normal up to June 1998. by June 1998 my boss appointed a young girl shoba as typist. She was normal looking girl she had very good ass but very small boobs. My time I have masturbated thinking of her. It was on December 26th my entire life got a change. she was a christen she had come in very good dress. I told her that she is looking very beautiful then I told here that I feel like kissing her she agreed I took here face in my hand and I stared kissing her on her lips she also responded my kiss slowly I moved my hands on her kurtha and stared pressing her boobs but she resisted. Since it was factory we departed I went into the shop floor. I came back to office after 10 minutes she told me that she enjoyed my kiss. daily my first job as soon as I entered my office is to kiss her and press her boobs.

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Three in Bed

April 17th, 2010

I hope that you will go horny after reading it. Well, I am Arun aged 32 married to Ambalika aged 26. I consider my wife Ambalika very beautiful (resembles MoonMoon Sen, the Hindi Actress). She has got a very attractive sexy figure. I am very lucky to have her as my wife. I think, any sexually active person, if once looks at my wife, will definitely have a hidden desire to fuck my wife. But there is one catch. Ambalika is a true Indian wife who wish to go along with one throughout. On the other hand, I am of the opinion that three in a bed (two males and one female or one male and two females) are much better to fully enjoy the sex life. I am actually very fascinated with this idea and therefore wanted to arrange one of my friends to join us. But the problem is that Ambalika, my sweet wife, won’t agree for it. Many times I tried to persuade her. Even during the night, while fucking her, I narrated very hot sexy stories involving my friends having sex with her. Though she enjoyed the stories, but never agreed for the third partner. Sometimes, I even suspected that she is not getting full sexual pleasure with me, although she did not complain anytime. My reason for such thinking is that I don’t have a large penis, it’s only 5 inch in erected stage. What I feel is that Ambalike needs a much bigger cock than mine. So I was thinking the ways to get someone with bigger cock to fuck my wife passionately.
Days were passing and I could not get any clue to sort out the matter. Once I was passing through passage in office and I heard these words “Saale kee Biwi badi chudakkad hai, uski choot mil jaye to maza aa jaye”. This increased my curiosity and I tried to listen the talks from outside. I was astonished to learn that it was Kumar, my colleague who was talking about my wife only. I immediately dreamed Kumar fucking my wife. But he is a very lean and thin person and I wondered if he has a bigger and strong cock than mine. But still I thought of taking a chance. I invited Kumar to my chamber and frankly told my intentions. He gladly agreed to have sex with Ambalika. But still the problem was that how to persuade my wife. We decided a way to proceed. I invited Kumar to my house on Monday morning. We both took leave for that day.

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Bur Mein Lund

April 15th, 2010

This is a true story which I wish to relate to all the readers. But I shall narrate it in Hindi as it is more erotic.

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Tamil sister sex

April 13th, 2010

Hi all, I am raja from Tamilnadu. I like sex a lot and when I was 25 I decided to have sex with someone. This incident happened when my parents were out on a day. Once when my parents were out, I just switched on my pc . she is 4 years younger than me and so she asked me to teach about internet. She is so sexy with big tits. I accepted to teach her internet.

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Islamabad sex

April 11th, 2010

This all started during this summer about 4 months ago. My wife and children had gone to Karachi my hometown for vacations. Due to my job I was to stay back in Islamabad, my adopted town. I live in one of the few luxury apartments in the city where most of the people are stuck up and usually don?t know who is living next door (culture of Islamabad). Exception was a couple that was our next-door neighbor Lubna and he husband Salman who was in garment business. We have good relations with them and socialize with them occasionally. Salman is usually out of city/country on one pretax or other.

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Didi ke sath

April 9th, 2010

“You can’t tell mom and dad,” my sister said. She was sitting on her bed, covering herself with her comforter. “You know what they’ll do.” Her eyes were welling with tears. She was upset for good reason. I had come home early from work and found her with a large, black cock in her mouth. The owner of the cock has long since vanished. Our parents were both hard working and successful lawyers. As well, they were incredibly religious, and were strongly against many things they viewed as immoral. Highest on the list were premarital sex and interracial relationships. While neither my sister nor I held the same beliefs, our parents made it clear often that if we wanted to keep our trust funds, we better abide by their beliefs.

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New Experience during a Train Journey

April 7th, 2010

This happened during my journey from Chennai to Ahmedabad:
I was happened to travel in 1st class and got accommodation in the coupe – 2 seats / berths.
I boarded the train at 9.35 in the morning at Chennai. The co-traveler was a north Indian aged around 30 –senior to my age by nearly 2 years. He appeared good and smart, also very attractive handsome. We got introduced within few minutes after the departure. We chatted well and discussed about all trades of life and some personal discussions also happened during this time. We had passed the time well till the late evening and after dinner – which we had from the Pantry coach – passed the time well. But suddenly, at around 9.30 Pm I started having stomach ache and found helpless and my Train Friend found no way also.

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Sex with Tution Mate

April 5th, 2010

Hi to all Desi story readers,
I am Ayub, a 21-year-old handsome and strong man from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am a regular reader of the erotic stories of Indian Sex Stories and have been an avid fan of them for the last one year. I am writing you this genuinely true incident of my teenage life. I am well built and have a great physique with a dick of 6 inches (erect 7.5 inches). In the last three years or so I have had many affairs and relationships with many girls but I cannot forget the one happening of my life which happened when I was in my XII Std. I used to go to an aunt for tutions nearby and as my tuition mate I had a XI Std. girl called Farzana. She was damn cute and had a matured body.

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My Loving Fantasies with my Gay Friend

April 3rd, 2010

Hi iam Mohan and i want to share my true life experiences. I have a friend (Boy) name Rajeshwar he is my class mate. we also study tution together at my home so after our tution studies we also use my computer or also watching movies or wrestlings together. one day when our teacher leave my friend asks me about my girlfriends and then i noticed that he is massaging on my hands first i was shocked to see this then i was also enjoying this then he asked my some sexy questions that what is my cock size e.t.c. he is in full mood to do sex with me and iam also excited to do.

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Yasmeen – My favourite

April 1st, 2010

Hi, I am Janee from ahmedabad – 36 years old and this relates to my first sexual encounter with a very beautiful young lady Yasmeen and though it dates back to a decade and a half, it all seems like yesterday. After my parents moved to Bombay on transfer, I shifted to a new flat with my elder brother who had to leave immediately to Gulf on an assignment. This brother of mine is a confirmed bachelor and with him gone I was all alone in the entire building as the new flat had no neighbours for some days until Anand and Yasmeen arrived on the scene. The recently married young couple ( both around 27 years ) happened to be my next-door neighbours and my soltiude was broken bcos I now had some company. Anand & I hit off well and Yasmeen to was quite friendly. Over the next few weeks we all became quite close to one another so much so that they had a duplicate key of my flat and I had theirs. We were at liberty to barge into one another’s rooms – they would drop in to watch t.v. at my place but I rarely entered their room as I did not want to disturb their privacy.

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Sucking and fucking bhabhi

March 29th, 2010

Hi everybody, here I am telling a real life incident which my best friend experienced. He is really good at making such relationships. So enjoy the story in his own words…hi there this is vicky kumar from surat, citylight area. today I m gonna tell u about the sexual pleasure which I had with my cousins wife. first let me tell u all about myself, I m vicky kumar from surat of 19 yrs old well build physice, of 5′11″, studing in college in SY. And Smriti bhabhi is white in complection,

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My Sexy Little Sister

March 27th, 2010

The time i came back from my studies abroad. This is only intended to read by people over 18 adults!!
Hi people my name is shalikh. And i’m 23 years now The story i’m going to tell you happened 1 year ago i came back from usa completing my studies and it was good time to come back after 5 years in my family my folks got to airport to recieve me. My parents and my younger sis who was 2 years younger than me, about my sis – when i left pakistan she was only 15 and was in 10 th grade i didnt know when i’ll come back she would we so grown up she was 19 when i came back and fully mature now fully grown body and round tits and real nice back wow .

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Sex with Bhavani

March 25th, 2010

Bhavani aunty was Amit’s mother’s sister. She used to stay in Gujarat, but after her divorce she got shifted to Mumbai. She was very beautiful 35 year old well built lady. She had come over to my house to stay over for a few days. She was always dressed provocatively. Her Salwar Kameez used to be tight fitting clearly displaying the curves within. Also when she wore saree it was always with a low cut blouse. As a whole she was a hot piece. Amit found her very seductive but then he thought she was her aunt and he was not supposed to look at her from sexual angle. Many times while she slept in the afternoon, Amit would look at her thighs which got exposed due to her saree getting raised. Also her buttocks attracted his attention when she was sleeping on her stomach.

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March 23rd, 2010

I read most of the stories but never thought of righting about my own experience. So hear I am with my own real life pleasurable experience. Pl. don’t mind as I am writing for the first time and I am not good at writing stories.

Before I start, let me tell you about myself, I am SAHIL a local resident of New Delhi ,20 yr. of age, 6″ft tall, 80kg, whitish complex and average looking and 7″ long dick with 2″ thickness. I work out regularly and I possess an athletic physique. I am doing my MCA degree from DOEACC and my graduation side by side . I am from a middle class family.

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Sex With Hot Male Student

March 21st, 2010

I am a computer teacher in a reputed public school in south delhi and there are a lot of spoilt students who have enough money. Some of them look older than their age and look like a man enough for a woman like me. Most of the teachers in our school are young girls having done our graduation few years back. Like I’m 28 years old and these boys even in 11th class are taller than me and have full grown bodies like a man.

Popularity: 12%

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