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Sex Scandal in making you were my first crush

This Teachers' Day, we thought of getting Bhopalites to look back at those cute crushes they had on their favourite teachers in school.
Women are suffering from an epidemic ofinsecurity about their bodies, a shocking new poll has revealed.

According to the poll conducted by YouGov, 59 per cent women said they have negative thoughts about their looks at least four times a day, while half feel guilty at least some of the time after eating.

Worryingly, one quarter of women would take it as a compliment if someone told us we looked too thin, the Sun reported. The exclusive survey also found that many women blame "women" for making them worry about weight. 45 per cent said it was their own gender rather than men who made them feel like they have to be thin.

The survey of 1,831 women across the UK also revealed that a vast 74 per cent believe society - general portrayal of the image of beauty is currently too thin.
However, almost half (42 per cent) of the respondents claimed that in reality, a size 12 is "perfect".

Research shows an alarming increase in the number of people in the state who are addicted to porn... students included.

God's Own Country, of late, is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The latest addition is the alarming increase in the rate of pornography. When compared to other states, Kerala is the largest producer of porn videos in India, say industry insiders. They point out alcohol addiction, lack of sex education and a conservative society as factors contributing to this development."Surprisingly, a large number of school children are addicted to porn," says psychiatrist C P Somanath. He recently attended to a case where a Class II student was brought to him by the boy's parents for counselling as he was caught watching a porn video. 

Dr Somanath points out that if children are exposed to such videos during their sexually evolving stage, they get acquainted with such videos and even develop an addiction towards it, which may continue even after they get married. Psychologist Dr Vipin too shares the view and says that excessive use of porn for sexual pleasure has paved way for cybercrimes and rapes too.

About 136 cases of obscene publication or transmission were reported under the IT Act by
the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2011, and Kochi was identified as the hub of cybercrime, followed by Calicut and Trivandrum. "Those exposed to such obscene videos have poor impulse control as their mind would be pre-occupied with such obscene and gross thoughts," explains Dr Somanath.The lack of sex education in the state is also to be blamed for this development. "Through sex education, children should be taught to respect their body, what to watch and what not to, and practice a healthy relationship with their partner and friends of the opposite gender. However, sex education is almost nil in most schools in the state," says Dr Vipin.

The society is also too conservative. The more you restrict someone from doing something, the more the curiosity to explore, warns psychiatrist V Chalam Das. Dr Vipin says parents and teachers should openly discuss about the positive and negative aspects of sex. "Media can also help in channelling their thoughts in the right direction," he says.

All people in this post are amalgams of people I know, so if you think this is about you ... it probably is.My dear friend, henceforward known as Crystal, (a name I used once to great effect) called me the other night in a state of crisis. She'd forgotten something at home and returned sooner than expected to pick it up only to find her husband of 15 years, Frank (pronounced Franc) watching an adult film on his MacBook Air.

There was a breathless pause wherein she awaited my shock and dismay. But all I said was, "And ... ?"
This may be a sign of the apocalypse, but I wasn't shocked, dismayed, appalled, perturbed or even mystified. It just seemed pretty ordinary. I'm going to guess that most people -- I have no statistics to back this up so feel free to jump in -- but most human adults have at least upon one occasion viewed for the purpose of self- and/or couple gratification theSopornos. Search your soul -- or just your computer history -- and tell me I'm wrong??
Pornography has always existed -- have you seen the Mayan hieroglyphs? The ancient texts of the Kama Sutra? Just head to your local museum of art where it won't surprise you to discover that Rome is the "birthplace of modern pornography" -- and of course all roads lead there.
I was watched like a hawk by my parents when puberty hit, and even so I was exposed to my first pornographic image as a seventh grader by my friend Annabeth Lingua (admittedly not her true identity).
Annabeth was bookish, with owl-lensed glasses. She wore her hair in a bowl cut, skirts to her knees and blouses buttoned up to the neck. She was a Good Girl. But her mother, Savannah, was a lusty divorcee who sunbathed topless in the backyard while we scandalized middle-school girls treaded water, pimply and flat-chested in the swimming pool nearby.
One day when Savannah traipsed out at 4 p.m., no doubt to meet one of her liaisons in an upscale Howard Johnson, Annabeth and I were left to our own devices. Before five minutes had passed, we were eyeballs deep in pornographic magazines found under the master bed.
I had only recently read (in my closet with a flashlight) a purloined copy of Judy Blume's "Forever," from which I discovered one could kiss and copulate simultaneously. Imagine my stupefaction that both could also be done while standing in pleather stilettos!
In 2012 we have either the good fortune or extremely bad luck of being able to access pornography in our homes on televisions, computers and even on our cell phones. Not that I've done that. I've just heard that you can do that.
I'm ambivalent about pornography. It bears an unsavory sheen. Also I worry I'll be smote from above should I use pornography for my private gratification. That perhaps I'll be cursed with a flesh-eating virus rendering me fingerless in recompense for my transgression.
But here is what I'll admit in print. Cable TV has single-handedly kept things frolicsome in my marital bed for 14 years. Fourteen years, people. Fourteen. Years. And Henry won't be able to pry his wrists from my lifeless, rigamortic grip until we hit the Golden Anniversary. We'll both be pushing 100, but it's going to happen.
Some of my favorite aphrodisiacs include True Blood, Spartacus, Hung (which sadly was canceled), Girls and Game of Thrones. Oh sure, sure, the story lines are compelling, the dialogue whip-smart, the worlds rarefied, but let's face it, these shows are all soft porn.
Soft or hard (yes, a pun), I think pornography can help keep a marriage fresh, vital, funny and ever-evolving if it's not used as a replacement for actual sex with your spouse.
And just as the Native Americans bless the animal that sacrificed their lives to provide them dinner, I too sometimes bless the performers who sacrificed their dignity to give me my ... FADE TO BLACK.

Do you dare leave your thoughts? You can use your Porn Star pseudonym. Mine is Buffington Shelby (street I grew up on, first pet).

Think of your first crush and almost all of us owe it to that one teacher who always made our heart skip a beat as he/she entered the class. You were probably not old enough to even know what it means to have a crush on someone, but every time this charming personality walked past or took lectures, you couldn't resist but be more fascinated by them. School teachers and professors have been our favourite for reasons more than one. Whether she was the beautiful miss who was the apple of all your guy friends' eyes or that cute sir whose nerdy charm and deep baritone floored the girls in the class - these teachers still hold a special place in your heart. On Teachers' Day, we spoke to some Bhopalites to find out more about their crush on their favourite teachers, and how the mention of their names sets their hearts fluttering.

There have been instances when your hatred for a particular subject miraculously turned into love. Reason? That charmer of a teacher who made that subject lovable for you. Geetika Bakshi, a homemaker, shares, "My sports sir in school was not just good looking, but he also had such a pleasing personality. Before him, most of the girls in my class would bunk the sports period and we used to sit in the canteen. But our interest in sports automatically increased ever since he joined as a sports instructor."

Geetika adds, "He never got over friendly with us, but somehow we always wanted to be around him. He exuded such positive vibes! When our school's girls' team won the inter-school volleyball championship, he invited us (the players) for lunch at his place. He was unmarried and yet he made elaborate arrangements for us. I still remember that he had forgotten to add salt to the chicken curry he had cooked and he was so embarrassed. He was such a sweet fellow." Nandita Purandare, a law student and a freelance painter, recalls, "I was hardly in third or fourth standard when I came across Gomes sir, who used to take our painting classes. He was this super cool and carefree guy who wore funky outfits, and a cute ponytail, and often read comic books. As a child, I really liked his personality. He used to narrate his childhood tales to us and always encouraged us to be ourselves. He was more of a nice friend. Whatever little painting I know today is all because of him. During free time, instead of chit-chatting with my friends, I used to rush to him with my drawing book and colours and we would sit for hours drawing various stuff." She laughingly adds, "One day I saw him hanging around with his girlfriend and I was so upset that I didn't talk to him for the next few days. He used to be like, 'What happened beta? Is everything fine at home?'.When I told my boyfriend about Gomes sir, he too said that he wishes to meet him and say that I am still a huge fan of his."

But no matter how much you adored that teacher in school, you couldn't muster the courage to confess your feelings for them. But come college, and who knows that pretty girl standing next to you turns out to be your new professor? Brajesh Tripathi, a businessman, adds, "I was one of the naughtiest guys during my college days. We were a gang of four guys who went around playing pranks on students. In the middle of our second semester, I noticed a very smart girl coming regularly to our college. She used to drive a plush car, go straight to the library and sit there for hours. So, we thought that she is a new PhD student, who is working on a research project. What pulled me towards her was her impeccable sense of dressing; everyday she looked better than the previous day. So finally, in my typically rugged style, I spoke to her for the first time. That day she didn't tell me anything, but I got the shock of my life the next day when I saw that she was our new accounts professor. I immediately apologized to her, and she just smiled and said, 'Better luck next time'. She did not teach us for long but she is the only person I can think of when someone asks me of my first crush."

Sometimes, the hatke method of teaching of a particular teacher made us love them even more. Recalls Shakeel Khan, a college-goer, "I just can't forget the smile on Miss Patsy's face when she used to ruffle my hair after scolding me for being naughty in class. Miss Patsy was my class teacher in second and third standard, and I have never come across a teacher as awesome. She used to wear these pretty A-line dresses and looked stunning with her matching stilettos and handbags. Once, during Teachers' Day celebration in my school, I had dressed up like her in the fancy dress contest and won the first prize. I still have that picture where she is hugging and kissing me on my cheeks. Back then, I was too small to realize what is it like to have a crush on someone, but I haven't admired any other teacher so dearly as Miss Patsy. I love and respect her for everything she has done for us." 

Shawar Ali: I used to study at Maharana School in Bhopal and there, I had a crush on my English teacher. I was in the ninth standard then and I was fascinated by her. I liked everything about her personality - her pretty face, polite nature and classy way of conduct. In short, she was beautiful. Although she wore both western and Indian outfits, on the days she draped a sari, all the boys in my class couldn't take their eyes off her. I made it a point to not miss any of her classes and always made an effort to be one of her favourite students. In fact, even her scolding was very sweet. She was not the more outgoing and loud types but very calm and composed, and I have tried to imbibe that quality of hers. I wish I could go back in time and wish her Happy Teachers' Day with a big bouquet of flowers.

Vivian Dsena: I had a huge crush on my chemistry teacher in class XI. She was quite tall and looked elegant in whatever she wore. Many of the boys in our class had a crush on her. We all looked forward to our chemistry classes. The subject became so interesting because she used to teach us. Whenever the class would end, we would be disappointed. In fact, I would look for reasons to get her to notice me. I would help her carry her books. I have vivid memories of her and even today, my friends make fun of me for liking her so much.

Shubhangi Atre Poorey: There were two young and dynamic teachers who used to teach us physics and mathematics, at a coaching class in Indore. Both the brothers were equally dashing, and as young girls studying in class XI and XII, all of us were charmed by their personality. They were not just excellent teachers who had the best of knowledge in the subject, but were also kind to everyone in the class. They made sure that all the students had their doubts cleared and whenever our classes got over, they used to interact with us like friends. I was particularly floored by one of the brothers' sense of styling. He had a mesmerizing presence; the kind of outfits and accessories he wore made him look so elegant! As a teenage girl, I looked up to him as an ideal guy. I still remember everything about him. He is and will always be among the top few in my list of most favourite teachers.

Rithvik Dhanjani: I had a crush on my history teacher, Mrs Rajkotwala, when I was in, like, class six or seven. I never had the guts to tell her this. Probably I wouldn't even have the guts today. Unfortunately, I am not even in touch with her.
Everyone seem to be searching for the leaked and uncensored photos of the Taiwanese sex scandal involving Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui ( 李宗瑞) now known as the Edison Chen of Taiwan. According to a report from Hong Kong, 16 pictures and a 13 seconds explicit videos were leaked and widely shared online. The different females were involved in the leaks which includes Kelly Lin (林熙蕾), Amber Ann (安心亞) and Maggie Wu( 吳亞馨). Now the young socialite is being called a serial rapist still at large. Please send more leaked pictures and/or videos relating to this controversy to the email address

Justin Lee (李宗瑞), 27 years old, is the son of Yuanta Financial Holding's director Lee Yue-tsang (李岳苍), who reportedly has resigned from his position after his son's sex scandal was uncovered. The Taiwanese heir's sex scandal involving dozens of female celebrities and was disclosed to the public triggering quite an Internet sensation when he went on the run. Justin is accused of drugging and raping several women, and videotaping sexual intercourse with them as well as other willing partners. After two women accused him of sexual abuse Taiwanese police seized his computer and found numerous sex videos and photos on the computer that feature up to 60 singers, models and actresses, including at lease 10 who appeared unconscious during the sexual intercourse. He reportedly fled to the United States. after the allegatioms were made by the two woman but police suspect Justin Taiwan remained in Taiwan, and hiding in the northern Taiwan region.

Now the Chinese world have been actively on the hunt and requesting for the set of pictures on major forums, social media platforms and mobile messaging applications. The batch of leaked pictures show the sex scandal involving the son of a wealthy businessman Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui ( 李宗瑞) in relations with his willing female celebrity sex partners. Justin who is currently in big trouble and on the run because of his alleged unlawful sexual activities is seen in the photos engaging in varies sex acts with several willing starlets. But police are investigating the allegation that Justin drugged two models at the same time, and used them for a threesome while they were unconscious. It is also alleged that he did not care whether or not the women were having menstrual periods and continued with sexual intercourse anyway.

Taiwanese police made an apology to the public for the disclosure of Justin’s sex scandal videos and photos, saying it is a second blow to the victims, and vowed to catch the people who initially uploaded them. But speculations have emerged that some ones inside the local police department are responsible for the disclosure. Some have checked to see if the pictures involving Kelly Lin (林熙蕾) Amber Ann (安心亞) were edited but unfortunately, the pictures involving Maggie Wu 吳亞馨 seems to be real. Maggie Wu (吳亞馨) and Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui (李宗瑞) were in a relationship back in 2008 for 5 months.

According to Taiwan tabloids, Justin Lee frequently hanged out at night clubs across Taiwan, buying expensive liquors for others to display his wealth. Models and actresses were often spotted gathering around and hanging out with the playboy, and did not mind having intimate interactions with him such as cuddling, and French kissing. His spending in clubs have always been generous and almost everyone in the entertainment industry knows him. The female artists and models were also often pictured with him engaging in some intimate moments from time to time in tabloids. Multiple witness even shared that he fetch these girls back home quite often and his relationships has an average time span of 2 months (after knowing each other for like 1-2 days in the clubs).

Justin rumored ex-girlfriend, Maggie Wu (吴亚馨), was said to have a breakdownafter noticing she was in the exposed nude photos. She canceled a press conference scheduled to be held, for the reason she worried that she would be overwhelmed by emotion during the conference. But in the last promotional activity, she had made it clear that she had not been in touch with Justin for a long time and refused to make more response to Justin's sex scandal. Maggie dated Justin in 2008, and she was rumored to have attempted suicide by cutting her wrist after breaking up with him.

This sex scandal erupted after the 2 models sued him for sexual assault. Taipei City police took on the case even though the actual incident happened 1 year ago. Initial investigation revealed that around 60 female artiste/models were closely linked with Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui 李宗瑞 and there might be more sexual assault victims. It is believed that these female artiste/models kept their incidents with him a secret as it would influence their reputation as a public figures. Since then Taiwan police have released a warrant to arrest Justin he went into hiding for more than 2 weeks. The story is when Justin found he was interested in someone, he would never let her go to far. After drugging her, he would take her to his place with the help of his bodyguards and then raped her.

The police investigation also revealed that there are quite a number of videos were recorded, some indicated that the female artiste/models are aware of the filming while some did not. Interestingly, the playboy named all his sex videos alphabetically with the victims' full names in the titles. These videos were kept in different folders and were arranged follow by A-Z. After filming his sexual encounters, Justin liked sharing the sex videos with his friends to boast. Apparently it was even well known in his social circle that Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui (李宗瑞) would make sex videos and shared these videos/pictures with his friends to show off his "personal accomplishment" with the female celebrities. And apparently, Justin's father is one heck of a player as well. Lee Yue-tsang (李岳蒼) is the father of 5 kids (From 4 different women). Some have started asking, like father like son? However we should not convict the man before he as had his day in court.

Now, we are going to avoid posting here the alleged rape pictures but we will be trying to get and post the pictures and videos of this sex scandal involving willing participants. So far everything leaked pics from the Taiwan police are of women that Justin was known to have relationships with and not of the women alleging rape. Only about 16 real photos have been leaked of this scandal thus far. Many more fake images are also floating around... It can be difficult to tell what is what but below we think we have most of the real ones and hopefully not many of the fakes. It seems the people who leaked these photos used their cell phones to take pictures of the computer screens at the polices station or at Justin's house so the images are not direct copies from Justin's collection. Hopefully some brave soul will download the images and share with the world without getting caught. And remember to send pictures and/or videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) toGutterUncensored(at) ASAP. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

On Friday evening, the investigation task force arrested Joyce Lai (賴慕禎), who claimed to be Justin Lee's current girlfriend, and her sister in Greater Tainan’s Sinying District in a bid to find out Justin Lee's whereabouts and to verify allegations that Lai has been harboring the wanted sex assault suspect. But according to Lee's girlfriend, Joyce Lai, he may be hiding in Southern Taiwan for fear of being recognized by his acquaintances in Taipei. However, in a further twist to the case, Joyce Lai, who is a convicted drug dealer, was last seen hiding her face as plainclothes officers lead to a police station. Lai was later identified during the questioning as a wanted drug dealer, who was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in 2009, but failed to report to prison in September last year.

Justin Lee is wanted for allegedly raping a woman and filming his other bedroom trysts with many showbiz performers, models and A-list film actresses, allegedly against their will or without their knowledge. But many of the females celebrities were filmed with their knowledge many who have seen the videos showing over 60 females with Lee. Only about 10 vicitimes were filmed without their knowledge out of the 60. According to the alleged victim, Lee's most common method for raping women was to drink a woman under the table, then offer to drive her home. After the woman got into his car, he would drive her back to his home in Taipei's upscale Xinyi District (信義) and give them a glass of water that was drugged. Lee would then rape the woman and film the entire process and after the woman woke up, he would play innocent and say the woman raped him, the alleged victim said.

Friends of Justin Lee’s were reported by local media as saying that they thought he simply liked to show off his affluence and to party, and did not think he was someone who would rape women and record it on film. In an effort to terminate the distribution of the leaked photographs, the Criminal Investigation Bureau's (CIB) Technology Crime Center and Taipei Criminal Investigation Division (TCID) issued search warrants and found two men suspected of spreading the photos in Sanchong District of New Taipei City and Chungli City of Taoyuan County.

TCID investigator Tang Sih-huai stated that the distribution of pornographic content violates Criminal Law Rule 235 and Rule 315-2. Violators may face penalties of two to five years in prison, detention or a fine of NT$30,000 (USD$1,000) to NT$50,000 (USD$1,665) . The two men were arrested Saturday for allegedly spreading the sexual photographs of Justin Lee and several female celebrities.

And rumors are Taiwan gangsters have put a NT$5 million (USD$166,600) price on the head of Justin Lee after they were commissioned by a female celebrity, who is afraid that her sex photos will be exposed. The unknown celebrity is reported to have turned to the United Bamboo Gang, the largest of Taiwan's three main Triads, for help, hoping they can locate Justin before the police. She hopes Justin will not name and shame all the models and celebrities he has slept with. If he should testify, she want him to say that the women in the photos or videos are one-night-stands or just girls who resemble certain public figures. Meanwhile, Justin's mother is rumored to also be seeking help from gangsters too and plans to pay hush money to the victims, hoping they will testify that the photos and video clips were taken of their own free will.

The TCID stated it has confidence that Justin Lee a.k.a Li Zhongrui (李宗瑞) will be apprehended within the coming days. After the incident was first reported, police summoned Justin Lee for questioning, but he was released because of what they said was insufficient evidence. However, police later discovered on the hard-drive of his computer, which had been confiscated as evidence, multiple videos of him having sex with women. According to local reports, the police are still in the process of trying to locate Juctin Lee, as local gang members are also getting involved in the case and are using blackmail and intimidation to find Lee.

The Taipei District Prosecutors' Office on Wednesday issued a wanted notice for Justin Lee after discovering that he had vacated his original residence and could not be contacted. The prosecutors said they had also begun calling in those in the videos for questioning. Maggie Wu, a model and one of the alleged female celebrities in the nude pictures and sex video, scheduled and later canceled her press conference and called for the general public to cease distributing the photographs. She is also reportedly an ex-girlfriend of Lee. He was often seen coming and going from fashion-industry parties and nightclubs with various models including Wu.

Democratic Progressive Party Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shu-hua (許淑華), who was to accompany Maggie Wu Ya Xin to explain her alleged involvement in the scandal, said Wu and her mother had originally planned to come out to urge the public to stop spreading the explicit photographs and videos filmed by Lee, but canceled the press conference hours before the event due to mounting stress. Legislator Hsu said Wu and her family had wanted to clarify the matter via a press conference scheduled, but her agency canceled the press conference at the last minute because Wu said she was unable to face the press after the news about the press conference drew great public attention.

Hsu Shu-hua confirmed that Wu sounded fragile over telephone calls. Hsu urged the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation. She also said that it is of utmost importance to protect the victims' self-esteem by preventing the distribution of the photographs. "The circulation of those sex photographs and videos has put Wu and her family under great pressure, and she has been emotionally unstable … She is also a victim in the incident and we urge the public not to spread those photographs and hurt the victims again," she said. Hsu even asked for Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin to become involved in the investigation and bring it to a swift end. Her manager claimed Maggie was drugged by Justin, but the video and pictures show that she was a willing participant.

Hsu declined to comment on Wu's alleged relationship with Justin Lee, while urging prosecutors and police to stop the illegal circulation of the photographs and find Justin Lee. While Justin Lee is still on the run, the photographs and videos he filmed have been circulating on the Internet. "Spreading the photographs and videos will not help the case. It will only cause more harm to the victims. What we should be focusing on is the whereabouts of Justin Lee and his illegal acts," she said. Meanwhile, model-actress Maggie Wu (吴亚馨) is said to remain in a fragile state and has lost 5kg since her nude pics with Justin were leaked by the police.

According to local reports, Lai has insisted that she did not contact Lee at all. Her identity as a wanted woman, however, has allowed police to keep her in custody. The police reported that in addition to Lee's case, Lai will also be under individual investigation on charges of forgery. Lai's sister, Lai Mu-rong, is also currently in custody and is being investigated by the Taipei District Public Prosecutors Office (TDPPO).

According to local reports, police did not formerly begin their investigation on Lee until discs allegedly containing nude photographs of more than 60 models, actresses and singers were reported and found at his apartment. Deputy director of Taipei City's Criminal Investigation Division Tan Szu-huai (唐斯淮) said the division had formed a task force to look into the illegal dissemination of the photographs and videos online and would bring Wu in for questioning about the case.

Allegedly, Justin Lee, son of rich businessman Lee Yue-cang, liked to show off his wealth, attend parties, and has had several love affairs with celebrities like Wu. Affected by his son's negative news, Lee's father immediately resigned as a board member of Yuanta Securities in an effort to shield the company from negative press.

The case first opened in July last year, when twin sisters accused Lee of drugging and raping the elder sister, and filming the entire process. Prosecutors on Aug. 8 issued a wanted notice for Lee. It immediately drew attention as the investigation found that there could be more than 60 victims in the case, reportedly involving showbiz performers, models and A-list actresses. While Justin Lee is still on the run, the photographs and videos he filmed have been circulating on the Internet. In order to track him down, Lee's mother, Shi Jin-xiu, was also subpoenaed and listed as defendant in the case. And remember to send pictures and/or videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to GutterUncensored(at) ASAP. Enjoy! 
Click on pictures to enlarge.

Sex Video Screen Shots:

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