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Not just fantasies, but heavy porn viewing may make some women "hypersexual" - to have sex so frequently that it may cause them problems, a fascinating study reveals.

To get a better idea of what hypersexual women actually do, the researchers surveyed nearly 1,000 women in Germany and asked them how frequently they watched porn and how many sexual partners they have had.

Researchers also assessed hypersexual behaviour in participants using a questionnaire called "Hypersexual Behavior Inventory".

The results showed that the more frequently women watched porn, the more likely they were to score high on the hypersexuality questionnaire.

The behavioural patterns in hypersexual women resembled behaviours previously identified in hypersexual men.

These behaviours include pornography dependence, excessive masturbation and promiscuity.

"The results do not support the idea of previous research that hypersexual women are typically engaged in more passive forms of sexual behaviour like fantasies," researchers said.

The study contradicts the assumption that hypersexual women only use sexual behaviour to control and influence interpersonal relationships, they noted.

"It is still a challenge to identify such individuals who may require treatment without falsely stigmatising others and their 'normal' sexual behaviour," researchers concluded in a Live Science report.
That is a difficult one agree most men and share some interesting answers...

Rahul Dev
I personally believe in the adage to err is human and to forgive is to be a bigger human being... Also, if someone is big enough to confess that they have been at fault, then they should be forgiven however difficult it might be.

Avinash Wadhavan
I feel that if a woman is happy and content in a relationship she will not cheat on you. If she is cheating or has cheated no you then that means she was either unhappy or not satisfied with the relationship. I feel she should be allowed to walk out free. If a woman is cheating that means she is not in love with the man and continuing such a relationship makes no sense. It's not a question of forgiving someone; it is a question of understanding your girlfriend or wife's emotional and sexual priorities. I think infidelity is acceptable to only those few boyfriends or spouses who know that they are somewhere not satisfying partner's physical and emotional needs and needs vary from person to person.

Vindu Dara Singh
Yes of course it is okay to forgive a woman who cheats on you. She should be forgiven and then ditched!

Pracheen Chauhan
'To err is human and to forgive is divine'. I believe in this saying but frankly I won't be able to forgive as I won't be able to accept a cheater back into my life no matter what the reason. Anyone can make a mistake and one should be give a chance to correct the mistake but my nature is such that I won't be able to forgive. I expect a 100 per cent in a relationship from my girl as I give my 100 per cent. Love is based on trust and the trust is lost after one is caught cheating. I can never trust the same person even if I forgive her. Love is for keeps and cheating is in no way acceptable. I always wonder how people forgive people who cheat them especially if the relationship was an emotional one. If the foundation of love is not strong how can you build the Taj Mahal of love?

Anuj Saxena
Whenever I get into a relationship I give a 100 per cent. There is no question of accepting a cheater when the relationship was based absolutely on mutual trust. I would not be able to forgive a girl who cheats on me. I am basically forgiving in nature in case of friendship. I accept people with their follies but I won't be able to accept a girl who cheats on me. You can't stray just like that. If you enter into a relationship it has to be pure from the heart and has to be maintained with sanctity. We enjoy love triangles in films but in reality no one likes to go through such a situation in one's love life, though, ironically, it is happening all over and people are accepting it too. Infidelity is rampant but that doesn't mean infidelity is acceptable to all. I will just cut myself off from that girl and move on. I will wish the girl all the best, forgive her, but won't accept her back in my life. Thinking of forgiving is easy but forgiving is not.

Pankaj Advani
Trust is a lot in a relationship whatever said and done. Cheating is one thing which can take away all the trust you can have on your partner. I think a situation wherein any of the partners cheat it makes things too complicated and difficult to sort. Even if a guy decides to forgive the girl, things become awkward and eventually fall apart. Each person irrespective of their sex deals with such a situation they way they want to and I feel that's exactly how it should be. After all such things are a matter of an opinion. Personally, I can't really speak much about it but I feel I might forgive the girl but not give her another chance.

Ayaz Khan
Only men cheat is a myth. There are women as well who cheat and even get away with it. According to me if a woman cheats on a guy; he should firstly figure out as to why she is doing it. It can possibly mean that she never loved him in first place! However, if she comes back truly regretting her move, any guy would be tempted to give her a second chance; how much ever strong-headed he may be. It completely depends on how intense the situation is. According to me if the circumstances are too extreme the girl can be forgiven but should definitely not be given the second chance to come back in the guy's life!

Naveen Saini
Ideally, if you want a Sita then you have to be a Ram! A girl should not be forgiven if she cheats especially if the guy is fair and genuine. Sometimes it also depends on the compatibility of two people involved. Love is all about emotions and if there is cheating emotionally or otherwise, chances of forgiveness are very less. Moreover, men by nature are not the forgiving types when it comes to cheating. Today I may think I will forgive my girl if she confesses to cheating but when it actually happens maybe I will not be able to forgive.

Did you feel guilty after having sex for the first time? Take heart as young women today are actually "enjoying losing their virginity" compared to earlier days.

According to a research, losing virginity these days is more enjoyable than it has been in 20 years, especially if you are a woman.

"Women are reporting more pleasure and less guilt from their first time and men are reporting less anxiety," said the findings appearing in a Time report.

Researchers found overall gender differences in male and female approaches to virginity loss.

But those differences have changed significantly since the research started in 1980.

"While men reported the same amount of pleasure from their first sexual experience across three decades, women have reported a significant increase in the first time," the study noted.

Men also reported less anxiety over the three decades and women reported less guilt.

According to researchers, female sexuality is more likely to change with social and cultural norms.

The study appeared in the Journal of Sex Research.


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