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Vagina tightening Size matters… for ladies?

She’s found that most people who’ve participated haven’t regretted their casual sex encounters, “There is such a plethora of activities, feelings, hopes and expectations, partner configurations and behaviours, outcomes, circumstances… I hope this project will help people see these nuances.”
A commercial for a vagina tightening gel featuring Aparna Gopinath has suddenly garnered a lot of attention in cyber space. What's grabbed eyeballs and got tongues wagging is the actress singing about how she feels like a virgin, while swaying to some salsa rythms.

Quiz the bold actress about the ad and she says, "It was shot in 2009 when I was not even a part of the film industry. Theatre artistes are usually called for auditions every month and this ad also came about in the same manner. The commercial had faced several problems before its release and was finally out in 2011."

Aparna has made it clear that she looked at the opportunity as an actor. "I was a theatre artiste then and have done all kinds of odd jobs such as voiceovers, dubbing and holding theatre workshops to eke out a living. I gave the audition and got selected; the money paid to me was also good." The bold Mollywood actress makes it clear she has no regrets doing the ad. She says, "I have no regrets. I am not endorsing such a product, neither is my face used to market the product."

When asked about how she feels about it becoming a big rage on the internet suddenly, she says, "Once it's on the internet it's there forever. People did not even know me when I did the ad. It is only now that people know me as an actress. Someone must have suddenly made the connection and once they established that the person was Aparna Gopinath the actress, it went viral. The star image came to me two years after the ad was shot and that says a lot. I think people are smart enough to understand that. The ad agency was also not looking for a known face then and I never even existed for most people at that time."

A lot of messages have poured in for the actress after the ad went viral. "Many asked me if they could share it on social networking sites. I don't endorse the product and I don't mind people sharing it. I am not saying, 'hey guys, use it, this is awesome.' I have done another national ad for a leading mobile network service provider. But nobody wants to post that online or talk about it. Controversies about such a product are common.

People are ready to talk about a fairness cream and the TRP for such a product is high. People may want to use a vagina tightening gel but they feel shy to discuss it. Some people even asked me if I got a sample of the product. It is funny to see how people react to such things. They want to try it out but don't want to talk about it in the open. I don't feel bad at all as I did it as part of my work," signs off the artiste.

Despite the fact that we’ve all been reassuring guys of the opposite, it turns out size really does matter when it comes to sexy time. Although not in the way you might think.New research has found that the size of a woman’s clitoris could actually affect how hard or easy it is for her to orgasm.Researchers at OBGYN at Good Samaritan Hospital in Ohio performed MRI scans on the pelvic areas of 30 women who were all around 32 years old. Twenty of these chicks reported having normal orgasm experiences and 10 of them said they rarely, or never, achieved orgasms.When they compared the two groups of women they found something interesting – the ladies who couldn’t orgasm as easily had around a distance of five to six millimetres between the vagina and the clitoris. Plus, they also had smaller clitorises. So, does a small clitoris mean you’re guaranteed to have worse sex than your better endowed friends?

Need sex inspo? Try  sex position of the day."We still can't tell whether this is the chicken or the egg," study researcher Susan Oakley said.
"Do these women have a bigger clitoris because they have more orgasms? Or are they born with a bigger clitoris that allows them to have better function?"
Sex and relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein says that, yes, a closer clitoris and vagina could impact the amount of pleasure you get fromdoing the deed.
“When the clitoris is closer to the vagina it means that it’s easier for it to be stimulated during sex. Also, a bigger clitoris means that it’s easier to find - for you and your partner,” she explains.But don’t stress if you feel your clitoris is lacking in size (seriously – who would even know? How big is average?!), it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have anticlimactic sex forever more.Yes, there is a right way to go about filming a sex tape. Here's how..
“A smaller sized clitoris should have just as many nerve endings as a large one. It does not mean yours doesn’t work as well as a bigger one,” says Dr Nikki. Got it?
If you feel like you’re forgetting what your orgasm feels like (FYI only 30 percent of women actually orgasm from sex, to put things in perspective) there are ways you can get more pleasure happening for you.
“The best way to have an orgasm is to work out how to have one on your own. Self-pleasuring will help you to figure out what gets you over the edge so you can then tell your partner and put it into practise in sex,” explains Dr Nikki.
“Foreplay is a big thing too; the more stimulation that region gets, the more blood flow it receives, which means there’s more chance of reaching an orgasm.”  
The study also found that women with orgasm problems tended to stick to missionary position, whereas ladies who could orgasm normally usually favoured girl on top positions.
“Doggy style is also good for women who can orgasm from clitoris stimulation because either you or your partner can reach the clitoris,” explains Dr Nikki.
“When it comes to women who have difficulty orgasming, there’s no magical position that will get you there. Everyone has a different anatomy, for example, your uterus could be tilted differently to someone else’s or your G-spot might be somewhere different. It’s important to experiment so you find what works for you.”
Casual sex in the media is often portrayed as uni students hooking up under the influence, or Sex and the City-era women acting promiscuously, but IRL it’s not quite like that. Then again, we’re so used to only sharing casual sex tales with our friends that most women have no idea about how it plays out for the rest of the population.
Sex researcher and NYU instructor Zhana Vrangalova is behind a new scientific project aiming to demystify the notions surrounding casual sex. She’s just launched a website called ‘The Casual Sex Project’, where people anonymously submit their hookup stories to share with others.

She collects fine china, plays bingo and charges $450 an hour for her company - this little old lady is an escort.
She told The Huffington Post, “There is so much talk about the hookup culture these days, about hooking up completely replacing dating on college campuses and young people in general...”
In the hope of clearing up these incorrect stereotypes – like the idea that casual sex is linked to depression in women, and the harsher criticism women are subject to for engaging in it – Vrangalova has provided a safe, non-judgemental place for people to talk about their experiences.
“…most rarely get to hear about specific casual sex experiences other than those of their closest friends, and thus have a very limited idea of what that may entail,” she added.
A town in Georgia has placed a ban on buying sex toys... and residents are fighting back.
To participate, each person fills out a questionnaire detailing the sexual encounter, what it involved, whether it was consensual, what contraception was used (if any), the good and bad parts of the experience, and whether it was a positive of negative one overall.
Some revealed rather interesting responses when detailing their hookups (and trust us, they get very detailed):

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