Saturday, February 1, 2014

Malaysian naughty businessman man Jho Low (Taek Jho Low a.k.a. Low Taek Jho, banging. girlfriend Paris Hilton

Here is another Asian girlfriend posing for a few naughty pics for her boyfriend. And just look at her and her happy cock sucker smile, so cute. I don't know where she is from or what she is but I do know she love to give head


Here are some pictures of Paris Hilton topless on a yacht off St. Tropez. How dare the photographer take nude pictures of her without permission and then display for all to see. This is a violation of her privacy I say! LOL... Justing kidding. And yes she is wearing heels. No bikini top in sight but she is in her high heels. She shows off her curvy figure for the paparazzi again. Her curvier-than-usual figure is sparking rumors she recently had a boob job. Paris Hilton was also seen partying it up in St. Tropez, France with Malaysian mystery businessman man Jho Low (Taek Jho Low a.k.a. Low Taek Jho, son of property developer and businessman Danny Low) and his brother Zhen Low (Low Taek Sin). Okay, I am not sure which one Paris is dating or if in fact she is really dating one but British tabloids refer to a Low as Hilton's "new fella, chubby Malaysian Playboy." Paris Hilton's new boyfriend is Taek Jho Low or Zhen Low I don't know but she seem to be getting really friendly with the "chubby" one. And they say Zhen Low was spending millions of dollars on bottles of the club's most expensive champagne for Paris and her drinking buddies. So I am assuming the "chubby" guy is Zhen Low but it might be Taek Jho Low.

Either way, a Malaysian dude might be banging Paris. Reportedly, Zhen Low spent €2 million (£1.8 million) on the bubbly at the exclusive Byblos nightclub and then at Les Caves du Roy nightclub. Where last week Paris helped run up the most expensive bar bill ever! At least the most expensive celebrity bar bill in France's St Tropez. So Zhen is really trying to impress Paris thus Malaysia maybe getting a new strain of herpes very soon. Maybe he was competing with her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt on who could splash the most cash on booze because the ex was there in St. Tropez too. According to club goers Doug tried to compete with Low by buying four gigantic bottles of Crystal but that was no match for the Malaysian businessman who then went onto buying almost all the club's entire supply of the bubbly. That is when billionaire Winston Fisher join in on the competition to see who could order more bottles of Crystal at £600 a pop for Paris and her champagne guzzling friends. Some party, right? The Telegraph report:
What recession? Tycoons spend £1.8 million on champagne in St Tropez
Paris Hilton watched as the rival tycoons Zhen Low and Winston Fisher competed to see who could order more £600 bottles of Cristal in a St Tropez nightclub.
As Joan Collins and her friends descend on St Tropez this week for a party on board Lady Joy, the yacht owned by the American socialite Denise Rich, they have been made to look positively austere.
Mandrake hears that two rival billionaires spent a staggering €2 million (£1.77 million) on champagne at Les Caves du Roy nightclub. Zhen Low, the younger brother of the Malaysian tycoon Jho Low, became involved in a competition with Winston Fisher, a New York property developer, to see who could order more £600 bottles of Cristal for their chums.
Guests included Paris Hilton, the socialite, who helped the cherubic Jho celebrate his 28th birthday with a four-day party in Las Vegas last year.

In lieu this publicity, people in Malaysia are asking where Zhen Low is getting all this money to waste on Paris Hilton. And Low's father is not happy with all this unwanted publicity back at home. He is the brother of notorious partyboy Taek Jho Low, who may or may not be an arms dealer according to press reports. Nothing like a good champagne ordering contest to spice up your vacation. Low won, with the $2.6 million bill but people back at home are questioning his lifestyle and businesses. Anyway, Zhen (or Taek) should keep in the back of his mind the fact that all the money on Earth can't cure herpes. All I see in these photos is a topless herpes spreader doing her thing. In an unrelated story: all of the jellyfish around St. Tropez have contracted herpes. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Partying with the rich "chubby" guy;

Here is Padma Lakshmi's nude body from her supermodel days because if you want to see a naked Indian-(American) celebrity she is the only show in town. Sure there are other famous and very beautiful Indian women out there but I haven't seen their bushes so Padma Lakshmi is it. Despite the huge and fucking terrible 7-inch scar between her right elbow and shoulder, she still manage to become a top model. Can you imagine what she could have accomplish without that thing? Her amazing natural breasts make up for the scar though, those things look like they were made for titty fucking. I don't mind the scar because it is from n accident and at least it it not a stupid dumb moment tattoo. I just wish Padma was younger like by 20 years but she still has it for now. Anyway, I have a growing interest in Indian boobs and these naked pictures of Padma is scratching that itch. 

Here is Padma Lakshmi's cleavage at a screening of Inglourious Basterds at SVA Theatre in New York on Monday. It is enjoyable seeing Padma Lakshmi promoting Top Chef with her all natural canned goods. She look absolutely fucking hot in these cleavage revealing pictures but her monster scar is absolutely killing my erection. The last time we saw Padma Lakshmi we got a good look at her brown lollipop nipples through a sheer dress but there was her scar killing any hard-on that may have resulted. She is probably my favorite Indian piece of ass but that scar is holding her back seriously. Padma Lakshmi the is host of the top-rated TV series Top Chef. She is a former model and known as the first successful Indian supermodel.

So sure she is successful but can you just imagine what she could have achieve without that damn scar. The woman has a pair of tits that were made for titty fucking like nothing else and here I am focusing on a damn scar. The story behind it is when she was 14 years old, Padma was involved in a serious automobile accident that left a 7-inch scar between her elbow and shoulder. Anyway, I am not a doctor here so I don't know the hell I am talking abut but I think she really need a surgery to reduce the profile of that scar. Sure as hell would do a lot for me. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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