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Unhappy with your sex life? Don't feel dejected. It's time to add some zing to your sex romps, courtesy our seven point guide to the Big O. 
Women are more likely to have vaginal orgasm with longer penis, a new research has revealed.

Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of the West of Scotland who conducted the research asked a sample of 323 women about previous sexual encounters.

Defining 'average' as the length of a 20-pound note, which is 5.8 inches (14.9 cm), the researchers asked women if they were more likely to orgasm vaginally with a longer-than-average or shorter-than-average penis.

Brody and his colleagues found the women who reported the highest number of vaginal orgasms in the past month were most likely to say that longer was better.

"This might be due at least in part to greater ability of a longer penis to stimulate the entire length of the vagina, and the cervix," the Daily Mail quoted Brody as telling to Live Science.

The research was printed online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in September.

Here is a guide for men who are coping with that time of the month in their partner's cycle

It is the quiet before the storm and you can sense the inevitable ship commanded by Captain PMS slowly and steadily hit rocky shores. If you find your woman stacking up the refrigerator with chocolates and the drawer below the television with rented romantic comedies, chances are that she may be going through the premenstrual stress or what some people call, unfairly, the pissed-at-men syndrome. While you wear your shields and prepare to dodge the dynamites, do keep in mind that this monthly hormonal phase is no picnic for your female companion.

Some women undergo moodswingduring the ovulation period. Psychiatrist Dr. Anshu Kulkarni says general malice, sadness or happiness without reason is common too.

What to do

Do the dates you've been avoiding: Watch that romantic movie while snuggled in bed with her, if she tells you to. Take her out for dinner at her favourite restaurant, hold doors and pull out chairs for her. But try not to be obvious or imposing about it.

Be the guinea pig: Clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist, Dr Deepali S Ajinkya says,"Keep in mind that it is the physiological and hormonal changes that she is going through that is making her act out of her element." So try out the new dishes she might cook during these days. Wear that shirt at the back of your closet that you know she likes a lot. If she moves the furniture in the drawing room, let her.

Get her chocolates: If you ever find yourself in the situation of arguing with a woman who is PMSing, be sure to have a piece of chocolate on hand. Research shows that chocolate intake enhances the expression of MKP in the trigeminal ganglion that lowers the level of inflammatory chemicals, suppressing the symptoms of headaches and migraines.

Show sympathy: A woman, whether PMSing or not, simply wants to be assured of the fact that her significant other gets her. All she needs you to do is nod your head and say, 'Yes honey, I understand'. Ajinkya says, assuring your spouse of your presence is all that is needed. If you stand there and offer advice on how to change her mood, it will take you a while to get back in her good books.

Be patient: On an average, women have about six days of 'moody blues'," says Kulkarni. All you have to do is wait it out with more patience than you thought you ever had. Keep different cramping medication handy. This will let her know you care. Your thoughtfulness will heal her more than the medication will.

Take on some of her chores: Whether she's requesting you to run to the store and pick up sanitary napkins or help her with the cooking, if her chore list is within reason and physically possible, just do it.

What to avoid

Questioning: No woman likes being given the hint that she's acting like a raving lunatic. The worst thing a man can do is ask his partner if she is PMSing. This means that you have noticed her attitude change and are unwilling to deal with it.

Point out flaws: A very important thing to remember is not to comment. Don't bring up the fact that she looks fatter in some regions or that her cheeks look chubbier than usual. Women tend to eat comfort food when they are PMSing, regardless of their otherwise strict diet. It isn't up to you to monitor what she eats. Instead, accommodate her temporary diet changes. "It is important that the man is not critical and doesn't nag his woman during her hormonal phase," states Kulkarni. Blemishes and zits on her face, if pointed out, will add to the depression.

Arguing: Arguing and fighting with a PMSing woman is highly avoided as it adds to her frustration. Make an effort to calm her down and delay important discussions for a later time when she is not so agitated.

1. Be comfortable : While experimentation is all important, do not try positions that you are physically uncomfortable in. What works for you, might not work for someone else, so remember the key to good sex is finding a hot spot that works for you and your partner. Experiment with positions that give you more leverage to hit the right spots. And feel maximum pleasure. Communicate what position you feel best in to your better half as that will give you better access to their moan zones. 

2. Feel the vibrations : A lot of us may not believe this, but using a vibrator during sex can lend immense pleasure to both partners and if time is of the essence, there's nothing more efficient than this sex machine. Just ensure you're giving your man extra TLC, so that he doesn't feel left out or that he's not needed in the act. 

3. Fantasy unlimited : Using your imagination during the act goes a long way if you're not really feeling all that excited. Fantasies are very powerful and act as a potent sexual stimulus, so use it to enhance the physical sensations that are happening and soon you'll be in seventh heaven. 

4. Curb distractions : While having sex, cut out all distractions - be it keeping your eye on an ongoing football match or on the clock or checking your phone or laptop for mails and messages. Be committed to the act of sex like it's a job you are on because getting distracted will only deter your performance. 

5. Don't think of the end result : Sometimes, the harder you try, the harder it becomes to feel pleasure. If all you are focussed on is getting an orgasm, chances are that it will be more difficult to attain. Don't make your climax the sole objective. Enjoy the sensations, the smell, the foreplay, the caressing and the words. As someone said - 'it's a journey, not a destination.' 

6. Indulge in porn : Magazines, DVDs, internet porn; there's no harm using external stimulation to get a sexual high. Watching other people having sex is an incredible turn on and can speed your sex session well. Just remove the porn DVD from your disc drive before that an important presentation at work or if you have kids at home to avoid embarrassment. 

7. Talk the talk : Gone are the days when sex was supposed to be a silent process. Talk freely to your beau about what turns you on, your hot spots and the ways in which you feel pleasured the most and it's likely that you will discover a new meaning to a routine sex ritual. Also, during sex don't be afraid to moan aloud or call aloud your lover's name. It may just act as an added turn on! 

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