Thursday, August 23, 2012


This Weinergate scandal thanks to Twitter is just amazing... For the first time ever a sitting U.S. Congressman has his dick pics revealed to the public. The craziest headline from this scandal is "Anthony Weiner Apologized to Bill Clinton for Penis Photo" from the folks at Comedy Central. But no joke Anthony Weiner did really apologized to Bill Clinton for the scandal. You know things are going bad for you when you are calling Bill Clinton to apologize for lewd behavior. Can't help but feeling a bit sorry for this Weiner guy. Apologizing to Bill Clinton of all people over a sex scandal... Are you serious?

The only thing that was missing from the drama... Oops Weiner's wife is pregnant. There is a tabloid god and he is sick in the head. Okay, you can read all about this Weinergate scandal on Wikipedia. And right here below you can see the X-rated photo everyone is talking about. Actually it is a picture of screen shot from a video with an iPhone with a screen shot of a laptop with the actual photo. LOL... But the dick shot of a sitting U.S. Congressman nonetheless with the name Weiner. But Anthony Weiner has done what most men only wish they could; keep sexting conversations with women to under 140 characters. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Previous leaked Anthony Weiner photos:

Let this hopefully be the last Weinergate post, so here are a few resources you need to learn all you want to know:

Here is the full transcript of sexting chat conversations thanks to Radaronlinebetween Anthony Weiner and one of his sexting mistresses, Lisa Weiss, the blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.

And here are more Weinergate in the headlines:

Pressure mounts on Congressman Weiner over sex scandal

Video: Raw Video: Weiner's Wife Traveling With Clinton

Anthony Weiner's Wife, Huma Abedin, Is Pregnant

Weiner Abides Despite New photo, Baby on the Way

Breitbart: 'Opie and Anthony' Went Against Their Word, Secretly Recorded and Tweeted X-Rated Weiner Pic Without My Permission

Sex scandal, pregnancy tests Weiner's wife

Weiner Telephoned Bill Clinton – To Explain

Did Anthony Weiner’s Jewish Penis Crave Sex with a Jewish Woman?

ANOTHER Weiner sextee emerges - and this time she's a svelte blonde PE teacher who he called 'sugar'

9 Democrats call on Weiner to resign

Weiner Hunts for Crisis Advice

Report: Athens woman involved in Weiner scandal

Gennette Cordova, Weinergate Victim, Less 'Deflated,' Hates Being Lumped In With E-Dates

Alec Baldwin to run for NYC mayor in Weinergate aftermath?‎

Courtesy Of Weinergate... Mayor Alec Baldwin?

How to avoid your own Weinergate on Twitter

Jon Stewart still struggling with Weinergate humor

Jon Stewart Gets Stitches After Faux Weinergate Press Conference Gone Wrong

Steve Jobs Goes Head to Head With Weinergate on Twitter

5 Tips for Handling a PR Crisis like Weinergate

Lessons from the Anthony Weiner scandal

Weinergate and the Future of Feminism


Anthony David Weiner (pronounced /ˈwiːnər/; born September 4, 1964 in New York City, New York, United States) is the U.S. Representative for New York's 9th congressional district, which includes parts of southern Brooklyn and south and central Queens. Weiner is a Democrat, and has held the office since 1999.

Weiner was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1998 mid-term elections, filling the seat previously occupied by Democrat Charles Schumer who successfully ran for the U.S. Senate that year. Weiner defeated his Republican opponent, Louis Telano, by a margin of 66 percent to 23 percent. He was re-elected handily in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010 never receiving less than 59% of the vote.

In the House, he is a member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. He was an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of New York City in the 2005 Mayoral election. Weiner graduated from State University of New York at Plattsburgh (SUNY), was an aide to former U.S. Representative Schumer (1985–91), and was a member of the New York City Council (1992–98).


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