Thursday, August 23, 2012

Singapore Oral Sex Scandal Video Expat Serviced By Prostitute During Business Meeting

So here we have a scandalous video of a Singaporean man and an expat being orally service by a hooker during their business meeting. Wow, this is howbusiness meetings are done in Singapore? Each man take a turn receiving a blowjob from the naked prostitute as they discuss business. As if the girl on the floor sucking their dicks was not even in the room. A total of 3 or 4 men are seen in the hotel room and a single prostitute seemingly going around the room servicing them with her mouth. The face of the all of the men are conceal but their pants are unzip, down or off with the hooker taking turns between their legs and the video clip clearly show the young woman performing oral sex.

Download the Sex Video After the Screen Shots Below!

Singapore has seen several scandals recently resulting in several arrests because companies are exchanging sexual favors of young women to improve business deals. So sex and business are so strangers to each other and are closely link in this economic powerhouse of a country. The two minute long video seem it was secretly shot by someone in the room with the Singaporean man and the expat. One side may have been setting up the other side for blackmail or something. The prostitute in this video is treated like an unimportant sex servant as the businessmen sit on a couch talking to each other.

Apparently Singaporean business meetings are better than your normal boring business meetings everywhere else. Along with refreshments, the host at a Singaporean business meeting also offer a hooker as fluffer to do sexual acts such as fellatio in the middle of the discussion. What a friendly place? We do not have much information on this video clip so the story is limited... And it is difficult to tell what kind of business the men are talking about but it might be something about import export and convincing a businesswoman in an advantageous position to join their business in some sort of partnership.

Okay, this could be a spy video of Singaporean criminal bosses talking about illegal actives that some one sent to the GutterUncensored(at) email address or just normal businessmen discussing normal business dealings. If it is the crime boss thing then oh shit we are in trouble. This is something you would expect from a crime boss or perhaps a politician. LOL... Seriously, we need the original video or at least the full video to understand what is happening. The video that we have is a short clip of what I believe is a much longer video. It will tell us if this is a business meeting involving legitimate businesses and perhaps what company they are with.

If you have the original video without the blurred faces or the full length video of this incedent then please be kind enough to email it to GutterUncensored(at) right now. Your identity will remain strictly confidential when you submit material to and if you want you can create a fake email account to send a video to this website. If you have info on this video please feel free to share it. The video will be posted as soon as possible if someone share the full video with us via email. Until then the best and most interesting part of this video is watching the nude prostitute on the hotel room floor going around sucking cocks. Enjoy! The Screen Shots:

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