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Edison Chen Is Back At It Again, Poolside Threesome 16-Year-Old Hong Kong Model Cammi Tse In The "Sick" Photo Scandal

Hong Kong playboy Edison Chen 陳冠希 is embroiled in yet another leaked photo scandal but this time around with a 16-year-old schoolgirl. The shocking relationship with Cammi Tse 謝芷蕙, who is also a model, was exposed after photos of Edison Chen hugging and kissing Cammi Tse were leaked online. The photos were uploaded to the Internet after Tse lost her mobile phone, which contained the photos of the two of them being intimate. Cammi denied she has had sex with Edison but that claim is not stopping the uproar from the people of Hong Kong that the 31-year-old pop star Edison was dating a 16-year-old schoolgirl. Even though the legal age of sexual consent in Hong Kong is 16. People are shockoed to hear the latest sexual fetishes and sexting of Edison that has been revealed so soon after his 2008 celebrity sex photo scandal.

The new photos were shocking enough but their steamy text messages were also exposed, in which Edison begged Cammi to bring uniforms and swimming suits whenever she come over to his place. The mobile phone contain the string of text messages Edison sent to Tse, with some of him asking her to pose for him in her school uniform and swimsuits. He clearly stated in the text messages that he wanted to take photos of the 16-year-old girl in the outfits. The SMS between the have been published by the Hong Kong based media. Tse's father said he would evaluate the situation before deciding whether to lodge a police report.

One of Edison's exes called the him "sick" for embarking on a relationship with a 15-year age gap. Edison and his longtime girlfriend Vincy Yeung 楊永晴 (niece of Albert Yeung from the Emperor Entertainment Group) broke up several months ago and that is when he started dating Cammi way back in May 2011. Edison utilized Whatsapp to start his pursuit and frequently drove Cammi around in his car to dine at posh restaurants, in which the bills easily surpassed several thousand Hong Kong dollars per meal. He once reminded the model via SMS to "rmb tmr to bring ur real uni N swimsuit N cutecute clothing (sic)", to his place for a photo shoot.

Madly in love with Edison, Cammi would often left messages on her blog hinting at her secret relationship. Hints indicating a relationship with Edison would including "secret love passwords" such as "abcde" which signified "EDC baby". Interestingly, Cammi Tse would called Edison Chen daddy in the text messages as she answered his requests to bring her uniform, swimsuits and cute outfits when coming to his place. Edison confirmed that he dated Cammi but told reporters that was the past and he is single again. When reporters questioned if she had lost her virginity to Edison, Cammi cried and nodded silently.

Cammi said that she merely followed Edison's instructions, only because she thought the singer "truly loved her and would delete the photos thereafter". "He coaxed me into filming, saying that it was for work purposes. All I can say is, it's considered an erotic film, but I had my clothes on during the entire process," the model let on. However, Cammi went back on her words when she was interviewed yesterday. The model denied sleeping with Edison and said that she was willing to prove her virginity by going for a check-up. When asked if there were any photos beyond kissing, Cammi said there were no sexual contact with Edison and no nude shots on her phone. When the media pressed Tse about whether she and Chen had taken sex photos, she insisted they did not.

This wasn't the first high-profile scandal case involving the popular young model, who is still in high school at Kowloon Bay. Turning 16-year-old earlier in March 2011, Cammi met Taiwanese model, Shum Chi Ming 萬寧哥哥 at a nightclub and reported some unpleasant encounters with him at his home. And while people are condemning Edison for getting back to his old tricks, Shen Chi-ming has spoken up for him. Chi-ming, known as Z.O., was accused in August by Cammi of masturbating in front of her at his house. He denied it. When asked on Wednesday about Edison's latest sex photo scandal, with the 16-year-old Cammi, Chi-ming said both he and Edison are victims. He insisted Cammi is using male celebrities to boost her popularity. He added that he does not believe Cammi really lost her mobile phone, so he believes that her intimate photos with Edison were leaked by her intentionally.

Meanwhile, Chen has distanced himself from Tse after the photos were leaked. He told reporters; "When I met Cammi, I felt we could develop further. We just started our relationship and this happens. I have no comment. I want to tell everyone that this moment, I am still single. Thank you all for the concern!" Another ex-girlfriend Gloria Wong, who was the target of Chen's sex preposition in June this year, said Chen was "sick" to be dating a girl 15 years younger than him. Cammi denied the existence of an erotic film, claiming that she was only "watching television" at Edison's house. Her differing statements caused the public to speculate that the model was merely using the issue as a publicity stunt. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Interesting SMS read:

Cammi Tse in her actual uniform, the one Edison requested her wear at his place:

Cammi Tse modeling photos:


Wiki Bio


Edison Koon-Hei Chen (born October 7, 1980 in Vancouver, Canada) is a Hong Kong film actor, Cantopop singer, Hong Kong hip hop rapper, model, record producer, fashion designer, and a pop icon. Chen is also the founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited. His native language is English, he is able to speak and sing Cantonese and Mandarin and also speaks conversational Japanese,which allows him to be a part of multiple entertainment industries around the world. On 21 February 2008 he publicly announced that he intended to step away "indefinitely" from the Hong Kong entertainment industry due to the sex photo scandal in 2008. However, he returned to the industry in 2010 and he stated "indefinitely" could mean 5 minutes or 2000 years.


Cammi Tse 謝芷蕙 (born March 18, 1995 in Hong Kong) is a young 16-years old model from Hong Kong who was recently reported to be involved in a photo scandal with the none other than Hong Kong playboy, Edison Chen 陈冠希. Edison has become embroiled once again, ever since his photo scandals in 2008 that rocked the entire world, and this time with a 16-year-old model, Cammi Tse. This time, Edison is seen kissing and hugging Cammi in the leaked photos from her lost cell phone.

The cosmetic surgery enhanced Li Ling Ling is Chinese and a full-time banker for the Singaporean division of a major American bank. She work as a public relation manager for the bank and sometimes she freelance as a glmaour model part-time. When modeling she prefers to be called Bustysingaporean. Isn't it obvious why she has this name? LOL... Something tell me she also love the attention of the wondering eyes of men she come across everyday.

From what I can gather from the emails, she was traveling in the U.S.A. and staying at a hotel when the harddrive of her laptop was removed and copied or exchanged for a new one. Then from there someone begun to upload the her more racy photos to the Internet with her email address and posting it to many websites and web forums. And here for the very first time we get to see what was in her private naked and topless folders.

All the files in the Temp Folder and/or Recycle Bin she didn't want everyone to see and see thought she had deleted from the laptop computer were unfortunately for her recovered by an IT person at a PC repair shop. In subsequent emails the person who sent the topless pictures of the BustySingaporean in to the GutterUncensored(at) said it was okay to share this email below with the public. Names and email addresses were removed to protect the contributor to the Gutter Uncensored:

Good morning Sir,

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Here are her Bio-data:

Name: Li Ling Ling
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Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 112lbs
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Occupation: Public Relation Manager
Company: ****bank Singapore Ltd
- Bachelor of Law in University of Saskatchewan
- Master of Law in University of London
- Master of Business Administration in University of York


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By the way, my personal email is Hope to receive email and hear from you guys, so that I could include you into my database.

Ling Ling

Now before we get to see the fully-topless leaked photos, lets review the first set of photos that she named as "Hot Wet Shower" in a folder on her PC. And then take a look at her huge topless boobs in the second set as she take a rose bath. Enjoy!Click on pictures to enlarge.

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