Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Racy pictures of an Indian model are going round and making the rounds over the Internet for a couple of months now, but no website seem to have the bio or proper information to the true identity of the model calling herself Shabana De. While some websites say, she is an upcoming model from Mumbai, some say she is a Sri Lankan model who was born in India or vice versa (She has a Facebook profile) and while a website says, she is a Russian Playboy model of Indian decent. She list her location as Mumbai, India on a profile at a site for models but she also says she is "waiting in steamy Sri Lanka" for photographers in a posting advertising her services. Whatever it may be, I must say, she is just too bold, she is way ahead of other models in India. She wrote on a forum linked to her model profile at Jurgita:

“If you, as a photographer, are looking for something different, something exotic, something sexy, something beautiful, but something natural. I am waiting for you in steamy Sri Lanka .

I specialize in Adult modeling and will consider most posing requests, (other than hardcore penetrative pics.) My body is soft and silky and everything is real (I do not believe in body enhancements). I am virtually clean shaven (have a small landing strip) and no scars or other marks. I am available to go anywhere in the world, but please note, only on professional modeling assignments.

To date, I have been on modeling assignments in Thailand , Russia , India (also appeared in a full colour shoot in Royal Magazine) and Sri Lanka and am hoping to break into the British Publishing market in the very near future. I have a gentle caring personality and believe in hard work in a professional manner at all times. Please contact me if you are interested in taking your photographic career to another level. (I am also available for body part assignments and have perfect teeth, lips and hands

This is bold ass Indian chick. She look a bit mature to be new at this but it is the first I am hearing of her. I hope she makes it big but will have a long way to go before she enter any major films in the world of the Bollywood film industry. Her uncensored x-rated pictures are posted below on the Gutter Uncensored but you can also see some of her less risque photos at my blog. I like to thank her for being such a naughty aunty showing off her mature cunt. She says she is 26-year-old but we should know she is lying. And also a lot of thanks to the asshole cameraman, for making these nudity pictures available to us.

Okay, okay! Stop asking for more Indian girls, that is not want the email address is for at all. And here you go. It is about time we have an all brown amateur weekend. Anyway, the Indian chick with the giant fake tits in this set seem to really love cum. She is an American judging from her implants, I am guessing second or third generation American. Yeah, they tend to loosen up by gen 2. Click on pictures to enlarge.




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