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women have a certain allure to them, a sultry exotic sex appeal

Indian women have a certain allure to them, a sultry exotic sex appeal. You just know that once you get them in private, they let loose. Hot, sexy
Seduction is not just a mind game, your eyes play as important a role. We help you perfect your moves...

Indian women have a certain allure to them, a sultry exotic sex appeal. You just know that once you get them in private, they let loose. Hot, sexy and ready to fuck hard.

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All that talk about first impression and lasting ones... well, that’s not all jazz you know. Whoever said it sure knew what they meant. And guess what, if you want to seduce someone, you’ve got to do more than just dress and speak the role, you have a secret yet powerful tool at easy disposal, your eyes. Making the right eye contact and giving the right signals via your eyes to the person you are interested in means about 50 per cent of your work done. The truth is that most of the communication that occurs between two people who are interested in each other is wordless, it’s all about the looks.

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Even the experts will vouch for this. In fact, communication and body language counsellors opine that the basic components of eye behaviour are easy to master once a person knows how they work. So, if you want to ensure that you always use your eyes fluently and with dazzling effect, here are four simple steps you need to follow.
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Establish : The first thing you need to do when you meet is to look into the eyes of the other person. A confident look will create a positive first impression. Establishing eye contact is a specially handy tool when you’re trying to gain the attention of an unknown hottie or cutie. In this case, don’t keep staring at him/her, it may feel like you’re stalking them. Instead, make short frequent glances. If the opposite person reciprocates your move and holds your gaze, it a silent signal that you have the ‘permission’ to go ahead and initiate a conversation. Start of with introducing yourself.
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Maintain : Now that you’ve started a conversation, it’s time for step two. Yes, we agree you can’t keep looking into each others eyes forever, but try to maintain eye contact for as long as it’s possible. Studies say the average gaze time for an average listener is a minuscule three seconds. But you need to go a tad further, try to hold your partner’s gaze for at least five to seven seconds. This will make it look like you’re paying attention and care about what the other person is saying. How does this work? It’s a two-way effect. While is makes the person opposite feel important, it will make you more ‘attractive’ in their eyes. Mission accomplished!
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Maximise : You know your mission and you know that it’s your eyes that are going to be in focus. Hence, it’s most important that you pay attention to how your eyes look. Ladies, don’t hesitate to do them up to best effect, there are tons of products available in the market to help you. And it is a know fact that kajal gives the eyes a certain depth while clearly defining one’s eyes.
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Widen : There’s something about large eyes that catches the attention of the person opposite. And ladies, though it may be a tad exaggerated in movies, fluttering your eyelashes does have that devastating effect on the opposite sex. There’s also a technique that will help you make your eyes appear larger; raise your brows and slightly lower your eye lids. If reports are to be believed, Marilyn Monroe herself often used this highly successful technique

There you have it, now that you’ve mastered the formula, it’s time for you to try it out.

Do you think sex is good for health, if yes, how?

Domestic abuse physical,verbal or emotional is rampant among the upper middle class.They just dont like to talk about it.
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Here are the screen shots:

They should have seen the signs when Rupa occasionally began to miss her weekly lunches with the ladies. But she put it down to the redecoration at home and they believed her. One day in yoga class, she sat aside, complaining of a sprained muscle. When Shalini offered her a back rub, she hurriedly declined. In the locker room,Shalini noticed the bruise on her shoulder. Many heart-to-hearts later, Rupa broke down and confessed Vikram had been hitting her every night for the past six months. Vikram is a top city doctor and Rupa, a qualified CA, works from home.
Like many others and there are an alarming number of women like her Rupa chose to suffer silently, unwilling to share her plight. The embarrassment of having to admit to something so horrific something that only happened to her house maid was almost as distressing as the violent act itself.

Ranjana Kumari from the Centre for Social Research confirms that domestic violence is on the rise in the upper middle class. The biggest problem with this class is that victims break their silence after having suffered for long. They associate social stigma and a sense of shame with the situation and prefer to suffer in silence, she says.

In a case that ended in a mutual consent divorce a couple of years ago, a well known Mumbai socialite had initially put up with a harassing and abusive husband for the sake of the kids. Their days often ended with the wife getting battered. Finally a petition for divorce on grounds of cruelty was filed. Later, since both parties were seeing other people, it was converted to a mutual consent settlement.

Close to 60 per cent of the cases that come to me are those related to abuse in marriage, reveals psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh, MD, who has a clinic in Delhi’s tony Greater Kailash area. Violence at home is rampant in the upper classes of society, only these women don’t admit to it easily, he adds.
Which is the biggest problem. The victim is emotionally paralysed by a mix of confusion, shock, numbness, helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness, embarrassment, guilt, fear and depression, says Dr Shamsah Sonawalla, consultant psychiatrist at Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital. Admitting to violence at home physical, emotional or mental takes guts, and most women fail to gather those.

While those who are not financially independent have nowhere to go, or stay silent for the sake of the kids, others hope in vain that the problem will just go away one day. Women in rich, super rich and poor families put up with abuse, not necessarily for the wealth and status, but because each woman holds hope in her heart that things will change, says top family lawyer Mridula Kadam.

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