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So you like that cute guy and would like to see him ‘see’ you? A few basic steps can bring him closer to you. Read on to find out more...
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Be yourself
That’s the best way to make sure that you don’t just get his attention, but also manage to retain it. No guy wants a girl who pretends to be someone else.


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Try to become his friend
This one always works. What better way to get to know a guy.

Smile and make eye contact
How else do you expect him to notice you? Remember that a smile can do what a thousand words can’t.

Be cute
You are a girl and remember to turn on your charm when you are around the guy you like.

Start a conversation more than a conversation like this watch this

Lo Shuru ab, Aishwarya Rai Sanja

o Shuru ab, Aishwarya Rai Sanja

But please, don’t just go on rambling about anything. Also don’t talk just about you and your likes and dislikes. A interesting conversation will always linger in his mind.

Make him feel special
You liked him first, so make sure that he gets to know that.

Go flirt
That’s the easiest way to get your point cross, but make sure that you aren’t giving out signals that mean you are interested in taking things beyond the mind flirting in a single night.

Try like this WATCH IT BABY

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ot Scene from Movie Cage

By linpagla

Don’t hang around
Don’t keep hanging around him all the time. He’ll end up thinking of you as an annoying pest.

Be assertive
Don’t feel that you have to play coy all the time. Be assertive. Men like girls who take decisions. Tell him exactly what you want, just don’t get too bossy.

Move about in front of him
And if he walks a lot on front of you then he probably likes you.

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Don’t shower him with attention all the time
Sometimes ignore him. Let him notice you and try to catch your eye.
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One in five Brit employees won’t mind flirting with their boss to get a pay raise or promotion, a new survey has revealed.

According to survey by an online dating agency Parship, men are more likely than their female colleagues to enter into a little sexual playfulness with women bosses. While 19 per cent of women admitted that they will use their charms to move ahead, 25 per cent of men said that they were also willing to try it.

While on one hand, over a third of men are actually attracted to their female superiors – finding them intelligent, confident, open-minded and honest, articulate, humorous and brimming with a can-do attitude.

On the other hand, only 17 per cent of women agreed to fancying their male bosses, a few even described them as ruthless, domineering know-it-alls. The survey showed that male employees were more in favour of an office romance with 57 per cent saying they would definitely date a colleague.

However, only 15 per cent of women seem to think it is okay. "Perhaps women have learned through bitter experience that using one's sex appeal to get ahead at work can backfire,” the Daily Star quoted psychologist Dr Nafsika Thalassis, Parship's "singles coach", as saying: "Women who flirt with the boss risk having their bluff called. They are more likely to realise that flirting to get ahead will be disapproved of by colleagues. Men are less concerned that flirting will result in being cornered by their boss.

"But they should be wary - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

"The fun of flirting lies in its maybe-I-mean-it, maybe-I-don't playfulness, but it is often better to conduct relationships with absolute clarity," she added

Rachel Fernandes gets the men to reveal some of those sure shot signs that the lady is flirting

This one’s exclusively for our male readers. But ladies, it’s got more than enough of hints you can make note of and, put to use. For starters, flirting is defined as ‘to court triflingly without serious intentions, play at love’. And guys, if you’re wondering why we are defining flirting for you, it’s because we are going to tell you what are those sure shot signs to tell that the lady is flirting with you, or to put it in street lingo, hitting on you. Opportunity never knocks twice and missing the obvious signs is not at all a good idea. So read on to know what you just cannot afford to miss. And mind it, we, quite literally, have the dope straight from the horse’s mouth.
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Playing with her hair
“If she moves her hand through her hair repeatedly or twirls the strands into a lock and lets it absent-mindedly fall across her face, it’s a sure shot sign that she’s flirting,” says Stanley Martins, a project manager with an MNC. This incidentally was the one sign that every man we asked told us.
Going down!
Laugh riot
According to actor Sudhanshu Pandey, if a girl laughs at almost everything you are saying, even though it may not be funny, it could mean just two things. “Either she has a bad sense of humour or she is flirting with you. I’d like to believe it’s the latter,” he adds.

Eye spy
How she makes eye contact is a dead give away of whether the lady is flirting or not. “She will remain focussed on you no matter who else is around. Also, she will make all efforts to be a part of your group or sit at your table so that you are aware of her presence,” says Shreedhar Kabra, marketing manager of a pharmaceutical firm.
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Damsel in distress act
“If she’s always looking for opportunities to enlist your help on some task or the other, no matter how trivial they are, it means she’s interested in you. When she wants to flirt, she will take every possible chance to touch you or hold your hand and will pout if you don’t respond,” says businessman Kishore Butani.

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Get closer baby
According to musician Kieran Athaide, a girl who is flirting will not miss any opportunity to get physically as close to you as possible. “Even when you’re in a large group, she’ll take the seat next to or right opposite you. She’ll even attempt to get close to you in the virtual world, over chat,” he says.

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Decking up for you
How many times have you been out on a date and the girl you are with excuses herself at regular intervals to ‘freshen up’. And everytime she comes out, you’ll notice fresh makeup or that her hair has been rearranged. “This means she is going out of her way to get you to notice her,” says Ravi Kamath, a graphic designer.
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She makes a lot of hand gestures
“She’ll move her hands a lot during the conversation. There will be gestures for each and everything, even if it’s not necessary. This is her way of drawing your attention towards her. And if you comment on her nail colour or some hand jewellery she is wearing, she’ll blush,” says Marino Fernandes who works with an IT firm.
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“If a woman is flirting with you, she will rub her legs against yours. That of course is apart from every opportunity for physical contact — like touching your hand, or smoothing out your hair, or straightening out a non existant crease on you shirt,” says MNC employee Dhruv Pandit.

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