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Datin Fadilah's leaked photos the wife of one of Barisan National (UMNO) top official the wife of one of Barisan National (UMNO) top official

TWO women have filed for divorce on grounds that their husbands’ unusual sex drive is linked to black magic, reports Metro Ahad.

Syarie Lawyers Association deputy president Musa Awang said in the first case, the couple had been married for a year.

“The riddle to the husband’s unnatural sex drive was answered when a relative of the wife saw the husband in the house when the family had seen him leave for work earlier.

“The relative heard the husband’s voice in the bedroom and upon checking, found an ‘individual’ in the room looking exactly like the husband,” he said.

Musa said that the wife had since filed a complaint with the religious department and applied for fasakh.

(Fasakh means ending a marriage by the Syariah Court after hearing the wife’s complaint).

In the other case, Perubatan Islam Mustajab specialist Nazri Md Isa said an 18-year-old woman had filed for fasakh after her husband asked her for sex more than 10 times a day.

Nazri said according to the wife, the husband had the ritual of going to the bathroom before having sex with her.

“It all started when he had sex with her 17 times on their wedding night. The wife did not suspect anything then as she thought he was merely performing his duty as a husband.

“But when the situation persisted, she discussed the matter with her mother-in-law, who told her that it was a normal behaviour.

She told her own mother, who brought her to the religious department to file a report because the latter thought it was sexual abuse,” he said.

Investigation found that the husband’s demeanour was strange.

The wife and her family had a shock when they found “two individuals” that look alike in the bathroom.

Religious leader Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz claimed that it was not impossible for a man to have sex many times in one night if he was “friendly with the devil”.

“It is not impossible for the devil to have carnal intercourse with the man’s wife.

“This happens because the devil can appear to look like the husband,” he said.

He said that while it was normal for a man to want sex two or three times a day, anything more than the usual would most probably not be the husband but the devil.

Let's face it the wife of one of Barisan National (UMNO) top official.Malaysians are a sex-crazed Period.

Just take a look at the Tongkat Ali adverts all over the place. Tongkat Ali coffee. Tongkat Ali tea. Tongkat Ali isotonic drinks. Tongkat Ali toothpaste. Yes. Even the toothpaste does not escape the Tongkat Ali treatment.

Then we have the "last longer" adverts and fliers being stuck on whatever "stickable surface" wherever and whenever available, whether dulu, kini or selamanya. "Ubat tahan lama", followed by the phone number to be dialed. That's the usual tag.

With all these exhortations, small wonder that many Muslims in Malaysia desire to marry more than one. Some even married another one without the consent of the first one thereby incurring jail sentence and fines. This is what I call "the leakage marriage", where the second marriage would make the man's pocket leak. Some even destroyed his marriage certificate in order to conceal the second marriage. Some claimed (in fact it was the same guy who destroyed the certificate) that he did not know that he was getting married the second time. HUahahAHa...

Thus it came as no surprise when our Tokoh Nilam of the year proclaimed that he keeps fit and energetic by reading some stuffs with his wife and have sex every night. None other than the Star reported this yesterday.

I just love the title. "Award-winning teacher's secret - reading and sex."

Like, tawdally "WOW"!!

Reading the title, I was thinking that this award-winning teacher - our Tokoh Mempelam whatever - had managed to unlock the mystery of meta-universe by unifying the principles of quantum mechanics with that of ultimate ensemble.

Or at the very least, he had uncovered the secret to making the students more alert and attentive in classes by having sex while also reading at the same time. But no. The guy was actually being interviewed after he had been awarded the Tokoh Nilam award, a state award to "honour a teacher who has managed outstanding achievements in education."

That this utter nonsense managed to appear in the Star shows what we really are. We are as shallow as our arm pit!

I could just imagine. Just after Minister Idris Jala announced that Malaysia would go bankrupt in 2019 if subsidies were not cut and after him extolling the benefits of subsidy cutting - just after he pointed out that our national debt would equal to our GDP by 2019 and that 15.3% of the government expenditures go towards subsidies - a reporter from the Star would ask him (in tawdally yankee doo-dle-dy accent) :

Reporter : "Meestder Ministder, how did you arrive at this tawdally awesome findin?"

Minister Idris : "I tell ya...I read every night with my wife in bed and have sex with her every night dude. That's how I know."

Reporter : "Tawdally, awesome..."

I mean, there wouldn't be any question on whether there is any other way NOT to make Malaysia bankrupt, like sealing the "leakages" in our expenditures. And what about talks of 100 billions being lost during someone's reign as the Supreme Ayatollah of Opulent Projects? And not to mention about our defence expenditures even though nobody is going to war in this region (well, not that we all know of). As well as our predilections towards Mega Expensive projects which over time became even more mega expensive like the PKFZ and the likes.

No. There was to be no such question.

Back to our Tokoh Nilam Seram Peram di Dapur. Sorry. No offence meant. And I am not belittling him and his award, which I am sure he totally deserves.

He could have been asked what he has achieved to deserve the award. Or what he thinks of the education system nowadays. Or how he thinks the standard of education could be improved. Or what he thinks about the current obsession with getting 25 A1 in SPM. But no. No such question.

At the end of the day, such inane occurrence is reflective of our state of mind. To a certain extent, we have this deep obsession with sex and everything else which has something to do with sex. In fact, we could actually be a bit depraved internally.

She is said to be the wife of one of Barisan National (UMNO) top official. That's all we know for now. If you have anything to add, let us know with your comments in the comment box.

Despite all our moral high ground posturing - which results in us objecting against Rhihana concerts and the likes, or not voting for Zaid Ibrahim etc - deep inside we are a sexual society after all. Deep down inside, we would love to talk about sex as well as, I would venture to guess, have sex all the time too.

Even our religious authorities are quite fond of voyeurism. Our TV reporters included. Even in our Parliament, our MPs talk and insinuate about sexual matters all the time.

To some people, having sex with the wife 6 times a day is a God given right. Just as the Chief Minister of Melaka saying that torturing animals with whatever injection is a God given right. Just read this report.

Sometimes, we even taped our sexual acts. Just have a look at this one. Not only that, the very same report refers to an Ali (for sure with a hell lot of Tongkat, this one!) taking advantage of women who are caught for khalwat by offering to pay their respective fine on the condition that they would marry him!

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Added to this desire for everything sexual nowadays is further spiced up with our society's (especially the Malays) predisposition towards everything mystic. I am using the word "mystic" because I want to be nice here. Actually, I should use the word "tahyul" or "mengarut."

Just look at the numbers of "seram movies" on our TV lately. We have all sorts of "hantus", "jins", "bunians" and what have you nowadays. A tourist happening to be in Malaysia would not be wrong to think that all Malaysians are obsessed with ghosts and djins. We have them in all varieties, colours, noises and fashions.

And when sex and this so called "mystic" are married, tawdally meletup!

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